Fan Pages and Pay Per Lead

In today’s video, I discuss whether it’s better to advertise through a fan page that you own or your client’s fan page.

What I cover:

  • Why I always recommend using your own Facebook Fan Page
  • The best way to advertise through your clients Fan Page (if it’s your only option)
  • The importance of not letting your clients see your funnels 👀

Overall, It is best to advertise through your own fan page, your own advertising account and your own lead gen brand if possible. 

If you want to learn how to create an excellent Facebook fan page for your brand that will help you generate hundreds of quality leads then check out my blog; 10 Tips to a Healthy Facebook Fan Page For Your Business to get my top tips. 

Free Training 

Flexx Digital is a PPC agency that uses the Pay Per Lead model – no retainer contracts. 

If you want to find out more about this Pay Per Lead model, and how we run the business, check out my free case study.

Inside you’ll find how I:

  • Severed ties with retainer contracts once and for all
  • Moved away from local businesses
  • Started working with national B2C companies
  • Land high-ticket clients
  • Found the verticals we work in
  • Consistently generate leads of the highest quality

Click below to watch it now:


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