How The Pay Per Lead Model Works Live

Here’s how the “Pay Per Lead” model could help you…

Generating leads from Facebook ads for $25, and selling them for $100 is not difficult.

A typical client who orders leads at this price on a ‘Pay Per Lead’ basis will pay you upfront for 100 leads per week.

So, If You Do The Maths:

  • The weekly ad-spend is $2,500
  • The weekly turnover is $10,000
  • Weekly profit is $7,500
  • 2,500 air miles per week (your credit card will be inside your advertising account).

This is all from one client.

There are no monthly retainers, no contracts, no complicated monthly reports, no analytics, no SEO…

Nothing except leads.

And that’s exactly what your clients want.

It’s a simple model, and highly profitable when you get it right.

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Lemme show you how to fire “pain in the butt” $2,000 a month retainer clients and replace them with $2,000 a DAY Pay Per Lead PARTNERS. Just press the button below quietly (so the warden doesn’t hear) and I’ll slide over my free “Retainer Prison” Escape Plan.


If you are looking at making the switch to ‘Pay Per Lead’ you MUST have a good understanding of these three things:

  • How to find and land clients who can spend 5 figures a week
  • Lead Quality – get this wrong, and clients will stop ordering from you
  • How much to charge per lead

I will explain each of these in my FB Live today…

But I know a lot of you have more questions about this model. Here’s a list of our most pressing FAQs:

Pay Per Lead FAQ’S

Q: Will I really get paid upfront on Pay Per Lead?

A: Yes, usually you get paid on a Friday and run the leads the following week

Q: Will I be using my client’s advertising account or my own?

A: Your own, your client will not have visibility, and will not know your CPL

Q: Will I be risking my own money with Pay Per Lead?

A: Yes and no. As above you are getting paid upfront for your leads, so it’s not really your money you are using in the advertising account. It is unusual you would make a loss on your offer, but it could happen. Yes, this is a higher risk model than when you add your client’s credit card to their account, but higher risk, higher reward!

Q: Will I be adding my own credit card to the advertising account(s)?

A: Yes, get ready to fly business/first class from now on. You also get net 30-day payment terms with most credit card providers which helps cash flow early on during your transition period.

Q: What markup should I expect on my leads?

A: If you generate the leads for $10, you should look to be selling them for $25.

Q: Does Dan have a programme? How much is it?

A: Yes, but you should be able to take what you have learned within the free case study and apply it without the course. We have lovely stories where people who have gone from zero to $40k per month profit without joining our programme. The cost of the course depends on your situation, only a few are accepted because we want to make sure people that join us are a good fit

Q: Can I run the Pay Per Lead model alongside my current retainer clients?

A: Of course, in fact, if you already know the CPL of your current clients you can use this data as intel to approach other clients in the same vertical on a Pay Per Lead basis. It’s actually a huge bonus if you are currently doing lead gen from Facebook or AdWords

Q: Is this course applicable to newbies?

A: Not really, it’s better if you have some experience in lead gen, although in some instances we do accept beginners. You would need a ‘foot in the door’ with a client with a strong national offering. It could be you have worked for them in a previous life, or have a good friend who is the marketing manager of a big firm, for example.

Q: How quickly does this work?

A: Selling leads is the easiest way to land large clients. We would expect you to land a client within two weeks. And be selling leads at roughly the markup mentioned above a week after. If you do some rough maths, at 50 leads per day this is where you should be after four weeks.

Q: I have generated leads from Facebook before and the quality is not great for my clients. How do you get quality leads?

A: We use an advertorial and quizzes between the ad and the landing page. Watch the case study for more info.

Q: What tools do you use to build your lead gen funnels?

A: Unbounce is best, but we have people using Click Funnels too.

Q: What are some good industries for Pay Per Lead


Debt Consolidation
Life Insurance
Income Protection Insurance
Personal Injury
High-End Kitchens
Claims (such as personal injury)
Invoice Financing
Tow Bar Installation
Spa Installation
Real Estate (motivated sellers)

Q: I have a question on Pay Per Lead which is not answered here. How do I find out the answer?

A: Post in the comments box and we will get back to you.

If you have any other questions that spring to mind or even want to share what niches are successful or what marketing techniques are working well for you, join my Facebook Group – Pay-Per-Lead Ninjas.

It’s full of people just like you who are experienced PPL marketers – some are already running 6-figure agencies.

While some others are total beginners finding their feet in the PPL space.

It’s a great space to learn quickly from other people’s successes and failures.

Join our Pay-Per-Lead Ninjas group today.

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