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In 2014, Dan set up his own lead generation company, Flexx Digital Ltd. 

Having had his fair share of ups and downs, Dan wanted to make his lead gen agency a little bit different. 

And he did. Instead of working with retainer contracts, getting far less than he deserved, Dan followed a different model: “Pay Per Lead”. 

The premise of his Pay Per Lead agency? Simple. Dan generates leads for an X amount of money, depending on the niche, then sells them onto his clients for a profit. 

See, Dan firmly believes that lead generators have one job: to deliver volumes of high-quality leads. No more. No less.

After a couple of years enjoying the wealth of benefits that come with the Pay Per Lead model, it suddenly hit him: 

Hardly anyone else was doing this. 

The famous “gurus” were telling people 101 ways to make millions in lead gen… but they were still fixated on retainer contracts. 

Somehow or another, the Pay Per Lead model had slipped through the cracks. 

At first, Dan decided to keep the model to himself. 

But, as he carried on following forums and chatting to his peers, he found himself getting angry. No, not angry… furious. 

Everywhere, Dan saw charismatic, talented people being beaten down by “the system”. These agency owners went two ways. They were either : 

– Struggling to get clients, relying on one or two with “deep pockets” to get them by. 


– They had 100+ clients, managed 30+ staff, had written books, hosted podcasts and traveled around for marketing gigs… and they were still breaking their backs for the business, putting in way, way more than they were getting out. 

And many of these people had quit their office jobs in good faith, willing to take a risk and start their own business from scratch. 

As Dan’s anger grew, so did his focus. He made it his mission to help agency owners – whether they were new to entrepreneurship or had years of experience – take their business to the next level and get the recognition they deserved. He knew what it felt like to be undervalued and, frankly, it sucked. 

Over the last two years, Dan has developed a training division of Flexx Digital: Flexxable. And from there, the Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint was born – a course containing all the knowledge anyone would ever need to create a 7-figure Pay Per Lead agency. 

Personal Coaching


Our mission is to help more than 1000 entrepreneurs make $100k a month. We want to deliver the best Pay Per Lead training on the planet, and we LOVE watching businesses overcome barriers and make massive progress. 

Seneca famously said, “when we teach, we learn”. Teaching the Pay Per Lead model has massively helped our own lead gen agency, Flexx Digital. 

See, when we learn something new via our agency, it goes straight into our Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint course and vice versa. 

So, teaching doesn’t only benefit you… it helps the agency too!


Dan first showed entrepreneurial interest in 2009 when he typed “how to make money online” into Google. 


11 years later, Dan is now the founder of Flexx Digital, his Pay Per Lead agency, and Flexxable, its educational counterpart. 

And how the team has grown! With 8 people based in Hove, the south of England, Dan manages a full team of 2 PPC managers, copywriters, a graphic and web designer and a videographer. 

Plus he hasn’t stopped there. Over the last two years, Dan has founded two thriving branches of Flexx Digital in Canada and Sri Lanka. 

So, if anyone knows what it takes to start, grow and scale a global Pay Per Lead agency, it’s him. 


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