Double The Amount Your Clients Pay For Your Leads

How to double your profit for your leads…

Are you a lead generator who is charging for leads on a Pay Per Lead basis?

But the difference between what you are getting them for and selling them for, is less than 50%?

In this video, I go over one of the ways you can improve your lead quality to help charge your clients more, per lead.

One of my students this week told me that he was generating leads for $50 AND selling them for $50.

Zero profit.

What I told him to do was install a PIN verification sequence in his funnel.

Picture your funnel… in order to get through to the TY page, they have to get a PIN sent to their mobile phone, and then enter that PIN back into your funnel.

One way you can do this is by using Leadshook – which is our go-to ‘survey’ tool. You can find a guide on PIN verification here:

This will probably increase your CPL by 10-15%, but the beauty is EVERY lead that you sell will be legit. Zero scrubs, zero dupes, zero hoaxes. And motivated leads.


Better quality leads= your clients are willing to pay more!

You could be selling 100 leads for $50 each, and generating them for $45 a lead= $500 a week


50 leads for $100 each, earning $40 a lead= $2k a week!

Every client I have ever met wants to work fewer leads, and pay more if the quality is there. This is gonna help.

So what is stopping you? Go check out Leadshook (if you don’t have it already) and perhaps split test some of your traffic to a PIN verification funnel.

Need MORE help to grow your business with SENSIBLE and LOGICAL hacks like PIN verification?

Test out the email for yourself. I’m positive you’ll see great results. 

My ‘escape client jail’ GAMEPLAN will take you by hand and guide you, step by step, to add a profitable PPL service so you can leverage your time and resources better.

It’s how my students are bringing in $1k, $2k and $10k a day and more…

Whilst doing a LOT less work than their competitors.


Video transcript

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