What is Pay-Per-Show and Pay-Per-Appointment?

Pay Per Lead Versus Pay Per Show Versus Pay Per Appointment?

There has been a lot of ‘chatter’ of late about all these different ‘Pay Per’ biz models.

Enough to confuse me, so I thought it was worth me chiming in with my thoughts!

(‘Cause we are the original ‘Pay Per Lead’ guys, and a lot of our stuff has been copied.)

In this video I talk about the pro’s and con’s of each model, and what you should do!

But to summarise, the biggest question I have about PPS and PPA is “what happens to the leads that don’t turn into appointments or show up?”

With PPL you can sell leads AND appointments AND ‘per show’ if you want… But you have to monetise every lead that comes in.

I always look at it this way (from my experience speaking to people in all sorts of niches)…

Rough Figures: 1000 clicks

100 leads

30 appointments

15 ‘shows’ to appointment

If you are selling ‘appointments’ or ‘per show’ then you really want to make sure you are monetising the other 70 leads by either selling them to different clients or introducing them to different offers.

We run an appointment setting funnel, and I talk about how we do it and how we get a 60-80% lead to appointment ratio in a webinar on the 25th of August. Use this link – https://bit.ly/3m8LibG – and you’ll be sent to a registration page, where you’ll be notified with a link to the webinar.

So in my opinion you should be looking to monetise EVERYTHING. Because with rising CPMs and stricter ad networks, you can’t get away with just selling the ‘cream’.

So my question to you is….. Do you wanna learn how to become a ‘cream’ factory and monetise every ounce of your media spend? Then I have a GAMEPLAN for ya, where I show Agency Al (name changed to protect the innocent) exactly how to escape retainer client jail.

It’s how my students are bringing in $1k, $2k and $10k a day and more… 

Video transcript

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