An Appointment Setting Funnel Overview

A couple of weeks back I mentioned how I might share how to set up our appointment setting funnel if there was enough interest…

And fair play to you lot, you didn’t hold back 😅…

I was inundated with requests, so no turning back now! I’m a man of my word.

Appointment Setting Funnel Webinar

So here’s the deal!

We will be doing a webinar on the 18th of August! Put the date in your diary!

Time to be confirmed!

If you want to make sure you are updated once the time is confirmed, drop me a line at, and send the word “Webinar” so I can follow up with you

I’m extremely lucky to have got Ayo to help me out on this, who is an expert in appointment setting funnels.

We will really go in-depth into the mechanics of how our funnel works, and how we are getting nearly a 70% lead to appointment rate!

To give you a quick example of how appointment setting funnels work…

You have a hook online for mortgages.

Traffic from that hook will get sent to a quiz, where they can enter their information to see if they qualify.

If they do, they’ll be sent to a thank you page, which will have a calendar for them to book in.

If they book into the calendar, you can send that appointment to clients who only want calendar appointments.

BUT… if they don’t fill in the booking sequence, two things will happen.

They will continue to be encouraged to book in the calendar and if they don’t, then they can still be sold to a client.

This is all from one appointment setting funnel!

If you are interested in getting a 70% lead to appointment rate, then be sure to message me the word “Webinar” so I know you’re interested –

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