The Holy Grail of Appointment Setting Funnels

Appointment Setting Funnel…

Today I want to discuss the ‘holy grail’ of marketing funnels that we’ll talk about in the webinar on August 25th. [Watch the replay here]

The holy grail is not easy to find, so why do I call it that?

As pay per leaders in performance-based marketing, the biggest problem we face is selling leads to small companies.

Consider it like this. Your clients receive a large number of leads from you each week. A majority of these are small businesses that are unable to handle large volumes.

They can’t follow up on the leads that didn’t book an appointment because they have so many leads coming in. Therefore, they lose out on those leads.

Many factors can contribute to this. 

A student of mine had a similar problem. In order to circumvent this issue, they sold leads to big clients and appointments to small clients because they were unable to deal with the volume of leads.

But, a tool such as Go HighLevel can help to set up a nurture sequence for your business. By using text messages, emails, etc., it works by encouraging leads to make an appointment who did not make one.

All very exciting stuff that will be discussed in the webinar!

You’ll see a big increase in appointments by 25-50% if you implement a sequence like this in your funnel!

‘Escape Client Jail’ and implement my Profitable PPL Gameplan to ensure you can leverage your time and resources more effectively. I will lead you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.

My students are bringing in $1k, $2k, and $10k a day and more through this method…

Meanwhile doing a great deal less work than their competitors.


Watch our Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel Webinar Replay here.

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