Opportunity In The Face Of Adversity | Google’s FCA Certification

Google’s FCA Certification…

I would like to share with you what was going through my mind when I heard about Google’s FCA Certification requirements for lead gens in the UK (coming 1st of Sep 2021).

The first thing I thought when I heard about this was, oh no, another problem to deal with. 

The world is ending!! 

I’m not going to recover from this!

My mind was playing tricks on me like it always does.

But once my head settled and I took some time to think about this calmly. I realised the challenges we face provide us with the chance to better our work and to improve for the good of my business, my clients, and my students.

So what I needed was some help.

I needed to find someone familiar with Google’s FCA Certification and regulations.

Someone who also understands the lead gen model, and the way we work, was on our side.

Google's FCA Certification

How Google’s FCA Certification can be a positive change…

My search for the perfect compliance professional ended when I found Nick from The Compliance Guys.

The man to help get my head around Google’s FCA Certification.

And before the webinar, as I was chatting with him. I realised that there is a way around this problem that we are all facing.

In fact, I predict our business is going to accelerate. As the scammers, fraudsters, and people without solid businesses will be removed from Google. 

This means fewer competitors.

Ads will be of better quality, CPMs will be cheaper, and leads will be cheaper.

We should always remember there is a solution to challenges like this. There is someone out there who can help us.

So don’t be so intimated or overwhelmed by Google’s FCA Certification.

It reminds me about the struggles one of my students faced. Let’s just call him “Agency Al” to protect the innocent, while scaling his retainer based agency.

One which he found very hard to grow because he wasn’t being rewarded fairly for the skills he had.

He was also offering clients everything under the sun, which meant he was becoming a Jack of all trades, and master of none.

He’s also had his “oh no, it’s the end of the world” type thoughts, just before he came across one of my ads explaining Pay Per Lead, and performance-based lead generation.

I talk about him in my “Escape Retainer Client Jail” Gameplan, which is free for you to watch.

In it, I show you exactly how he escaped the client penitentiary, fired his retainer clients, and now earns 10X more than his old agency with just one lead gen brand.


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