Me Brainstorming About Equity Release (Reverse Mortgage) Hooks

Finding Equity release hooks…

Today’s video is all about finding different ways to create advertising hooks for your campaigns.  In particular for Equity Release.

This will help you to create awareness of a problem your ideal customer is facing AND provide them with a solution.

I’ll use the Equity Release (aka Reverse Mortgage) niche as an example to show you this.

I put up a Facebook post in my Mastermind group asking people to post their best ad copy. I’d create a totally new ad with a new angle into the market for them for free.

One ad caught my attention which was from a guy who operates in the Equity Release industry. 

His ad was geared more towards people who are already familiar with Equity Release.

He was running copy that we see in many Equity Release ads at the moment.

But that was the issue.

He was solely gearing his ads towards people who already knew about this market.

It is a relatively small segment of the market – making it more difficult to scale.

Many people lack the awareness of the problem. 

The banks won’t lend more than a ten-year mortgage to people over 70, AND the solution.

Using this problem in the hook allows for a much broader and bigger audience. Particularly compared to the audience who are fully aware of the problem within Equity Release.


How to find the best Equity Release hooks…

You want to be able to open the market to get MORE leads at a higher volume.

Start to move up the awareness stage.  To target those who aren’t aware they have a problem or don’t have a viable solution.

I wrote some ad copy that spoke directly to the audience without even mentioning Equity Release.

Because I wrote it around a problem that many people are facing, they would be more engaged and much more likely to click the ad. 

Your key to a great ad is the hook to keep the audience reading. This will increase their awareness and more importantly, click your CTA.

It doesn’t take much to reword your ad in order to get that perfect hook.

It is all about knowing your audience.

Find a great hook and test it, it’ll help you open up the market. 

You will see the results in no time!

If you want your agency to see results just as fast, but are struggling to scale with a retainer-based agency, I can help.

It is difficult to scale a retainer-based agency.  Many are working with mostly low paying local clients, delivering complex packages including SEO, PPC, funnel builds and more, and not being able to guarantee results. 

Stop getting next to nothing for the hard work you are putting in.

Use a model which rewards you when you perform and puts you on the SAME side as your client.

It’s time that you ‘Escape Client Jail’ and implement my Profitable PPL GAMEPLAN to ensure you can leverage your time and resources more effectively.

I will lead you by the hand and guide you every step of the way. 

It also gives you even more guidance about finding the right hooks and angles in your market.

Video transcript

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