CPA – What You Need To Know In 2019


It’s 2019, and marketers are continually looking for new ways to reduce their CPA on Facebook.

Facebook is a vital platform for advertisers for many reasons, including the powerful targeting options and cheap ad costs.

Of course, your ad costs are going to be based on many different factors, including your industry, the audience you’re targeting, and how well you’ve optimised your ads.

However, there are loads of clear, simple ways to lower your Facebook CPA and still get the leads rolling in.

If you’re a Facebook advertising or marketing beginner, these tips and tricks will transform your advertising strategy. Watch the video and find out all you need to know today!


Covered In This Video:

1. What is your Cost Per Acquisition?

2. Why your creative is the most important thing when it comes to Facebook ads

3. Why you should target a more specific – not broader – Facebook audience

4. How to duplicate your Facebook ad set and overlap it with the original… without
    turning off the first set or competing with yourself

5. Why you should write new Facebook ads every week

Have you got any more handy hints for lowering your CPA on Facebook? Don’t be a stranger – share them in the comment box below!


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