Lead Generators! Stop Giving Away Free Trials – And Do This Instead

Free trials suck.

And here’s why…

No one likes doing work for free.

Sometimes, though, it’s necessary. A musician will play a free gig, or a writer will knock off a couple of free articles, all in the name of exposure.

The idea behind this is simple: get yourself out there, show them want you can do. Build the hype and the paying customers will come.

Problem is, unless you’re the next Elton John or JK Rowling or GaryVee, exposure isn’t enough.

Without knowing it, you’ve walked straight into a trap.



What Is The “Free Trials Trap”?

See, if you give out your skills for free, that’s what people will come to expect.

Anyone is happy to exploit free labour, especially if it makes them a nice fat profit in the process.

But the minute you asked to be paid? That work will dry right up.

And it’s the same for lead generators.

By giving out free trials to clients, you’re giving them one clear message: you need them more than they need you.

You’ll do all the grunt work, you’ll use years of accumulated skill

 – and worst of all –

You’ll do it for free.

Only to have a prospect say they’re not interested when it comes to signing the contract.

It all comes down to this.

What Do I Do?

You need to STOP giving out free trials, and you need to STOP undervaluing your skills.

There are ways to get high-paying clients and STILL get profits in your own pocket, not theirs.

Watch the video to find out more!

Covered In This Video:

  1. Why the client needs you far more than you need them
  2. Why clients don’t make the most out of leads without “skin in the game”
  3. What to do if a client won’t budge
  4. Why a successful business will NEVER ask for a free trial

Remember – if you give out something for free, you’re implying it’s not worth paying for. What do you think? Comment in the boxes below!


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