How One Focus Day A Week Transformed My Agency

Are You Struggling To Focus?

Did you know that the biggest time-wasters in your workday are emails, colleague interruptions and phone calls?

Not much of a shock, is it?

Unfortunately, setting aside a couple of times a day just for handling emails doesn’t really cut it. Those chunks of time tend to slide all over your calendar – like it or not, human beings often give in to their impulses, and these self-made appointments are rarely ones you actually end up keeping.

So, I’ve tried something else instead. Inspired by the founder of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan, I now designate one day a week to my creative work.

Every Thursday without fail, I stay fixed to my desk, no matter what.

I work on a single project for just over nine hours and spend the rest of the week with clients, employees, emails and all the other things that tend to fill my day.

Try This For A New Year’s Resolution

We can’t all work with razor-sharp focus 24/7.

Instead, put a focus day in your calendar every week for the entirety of 2019. I promise you, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Covered In This Video 

  1. What a “focus day” is and how they help structure an entrepreneurial company
  2. How just one focus day a week boosted my productivity by 100%
  3. A bit about Strategic Coach, and how it helped me to build the business I have today

How do you centre your productivity? Tell us in the comments box below!

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