Flexxable: What We’ve Learned In 2018

A Flexxable Christmas Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas at the Flexxable hub
And all were busy as bees with the final hubbub
The targets were marked on the whiteboard with care
Making sure that the deadlines were all firm… but fair
At night, the team nestled all snug in their beds
As visions of profits danced ‘round in their heads
And Dan watched them working, with pride in his eyes
For, this year, the team had more than doubled in size!

He looked back at the year, and his pride it just grew
For all the great things built by he and his crew
He’d revamped the business and took out the twaddle
Converting from dentists to a new business model
As for lead generation, well that was a cinch
As Gavin and Graham could get it done in a pinch
And Ari and Rob had proved more than stamina
Spending hours a day with the team and the camera

Alan is pleased that he can proudly announce
He’s done 700 pages on the software Unbounce
New Emily is here, and thank God that we’ve got her
For she runs the office with good humour and order
Milo makes calls, phone clasped tightly in hand
Closing the sales, bringing clients to the band
And Polly, she writes and writes all the day long
She’s got some good copy, though her poetry’s not strong

So together we say, as we’re full of good cheer:
“Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!”

Covered In This Video: 

  1. How my agency has more than doubled in size since 2017
  1. How changing my agency model transformed by business and skyrocketed my profits
  1. Why fewer leads can mean so much more to the client
  1. How segmenting leads can increase your profit margin, and how to use the front and back-end models
  1. Why you should track everything – from clickthrough rates on Facebook ads to landing page conversion – and how the stats will ensure you have a great 2019
  1. How to make a losing campaign into a winning one – and why you should always keep a close eye on your creative output
  1. And finally… A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

If you’re worried about generating enough leads moving into 2019 and beyond, head on over to www.flexxable.com. It’s not too late! Tell us what we can do for you, and we’ll do our best to help!

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