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“Market segmentation is the act of subdividing a market into distinct and meaningful subsets of customers who have similar needs and therefore might merit separate marketing effort.” ~ Course Hero

The year is 1307. The country? Switzerland.

After a bitter altercation with the new Hapsburg rulers, William Tell is hauled up in front of the population of Altdorf and given an ultimatum:

He and his young son can be publically executed for heresy


He can prove his famed marksmanship… by shooting an apple from his son’s head at a distance of 120 paces.

Did William Tell:

A) Ask for a blindfold and fire arrows willy-nilly in his son’s direction?

B) Line up his arrow, focus on his mark, and hit the apple in a single shot?

william tell arrow apple son target focus leadshook
William Tell Focused On His Target… And You Should, Too

Ok… So What Can We Learn From William Tell?

Firstly, I hope you chose answer option B.


The point I’m making is, unsegmented marketing is as risky (and dangerous) as firing ammo at an unspecified target.

Segmentation can improve anything from lead quality to conversion rate. Instead of targeting everybody and hoping someone, somewhere, will be interested in your service, segmentation allows you to focus your efforts on those you know will be excited by your offer.

An excellent way to segment your leads is via a quiz or a survey generated of LeadsHook. Watch the video to find out why.

Covered In This Video: 

  1. How LeadsHook can help you generate leads suitable for a very specific niche
  1. When and why 20 leads can be better than 200
  1. How the CPL model helps you when charging for leads

Do you use LeadsHook or quizzes as part of your marketing strategy? How well does it work for you? Comment in the boxes below!

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