How To Land Clients Without Testimonials Or References

“How do I land clients in a new niche without credibility or testimonials?”

This is one of the most common questions I get asked in both my paid and free groups.

If you are entering a new industry but have no testimonials or references in that niche, then landing clients can be difficult.

Well, today you are in luck!

In today’s video, I discuss four different methods on how to approach a client when persuing a brand new industry.

These methods have all been tested in my own business and will give you the extra edge when closing the deal.

1. Show them your experience in other verticals.

2. Show them a customized funnel or your lead generation brand.

3. Record a ‘behind the scenes’ video of how your funnels work.

4. Be Transparent. Pay Per Lead is a win-win for both parties!

It is crucial to prepare yourself before the sales call. If you want to land a particular client, then it is essential to go above and beyond and demonstrate what you can bring to the table.

Clients love seeing a visualization and will be impressed with your extra efforts.

Good Luck!


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