How To Explode Your Lead Quality 💣

Today’s topic is all about how to improve your lead quality.

A topic that we get so many questions about.

So let’s get into it…

Common problems with lead quality of web leads

If you’re in lead generation, you’re likely to experience a few quality issues.

These can include…

  • Low contact rates
  • High number of invalids
  • Not converting on the phone for them
  • Language Barriers
  • Non-qualifiers
  • Poor sales team (their end)
  • Poor lead nurturing (their end)

Low contact rates are a common problem. If you’re generating 100 leads but only 50 or so answer the phone, you have a problem.

BUT, we’ve found that most of the time, if you’re sending the web leads to the client in real-time, the usual culprit tends to be the client themselves. 

In particular, their follow-up systems.

The client simply isn’t working the leads well enough.

The traffic source can also be an issue affecting the quality of web leads.

The difference in the lead quality between search quality and social quality e.g. from Facebook, is huge and so important to understand.

Even if it means getting fewer leads, the leads are likely to be much better from Search for example.

We’ve found that clients are much more willing to work fewer leads and pay more per lead if the quality is good.

Another reason why your lead quality might be poor is down to the criteria of the leads you’re selling.

We used to send over every person that answered the quiz to the client. This meant that there were a lot of non-qualifiers. 

You need to have a conversation with your client to find out what kind of leads won’t qualify. Then you can start segmenting those out and sell those leads to other clients.


How to improve contact rates and decrease invalids

First things first, clients hate scrubs.

They waste their time and your time.

Scrubs are leads that could be a duplicate, a wrong number, or a hoax lead. 

These can drastically affect your lead quality.

10% of the leads you send to your client will fall under this category. If it’s anything much more, you will start struggling with your clients.

There are quite a few ways of limiting the number of scrubs…

  • Number verification (data soap/ twillio)
  • Pin verification (through leadshook)
  • Video on the TY page explaining next steps
  • The number that will be calling them on the TY page
  • Email/SMS before the call

Installing a number verification system in your funnels is a great way to do this. 

When you type in your phone number, your number will be verified in real-time.

So only real numbers will be accepted. Vastly improving your lead quality.

Of course, this doesn’t stop you from trying out different numbers until you find one that works.

If you want something else on top of this, use pin verification.

Once someone has filled in their personal details in the form, they’ll get sent a pin to their phone that they’ll need to type into the form to be able to become a lead.

This will decrease invalids considerably skyrocketing lead quality. 

Also, it’s a good idea to position your lead generation site on the thank you page. 

You may want to add a video to get the user excited about picking up the phone to the client’s call.

This will help to increase the number of people having a call and help improve contact rates.

lead quality

How to improve the lead quality

There are a few ways to improve your lead quality, including…

  • Try and supplement your FB leads with Search or YT leads. We’ve found these can convert for the client at double the rate of Facebook ads.
  • Add in more questions to better segment leads
  • Use the epic appointment setting funnel, to get people to book in a call

Think about blending a few different traffic sources. 

You can never go wrong with supplementing some YouTube leads with some Search leads for example.

Send them to the client and see what works best for them.

The next thing you wanna do is speak to your client and find out if there are certain criteria for which they’ll pay more for. 

Keeping communication strong with your client helps you to figure out what criteria is needed in your funnel.

You can also find another client to send the “wastage” to. 

But, how can you do this?

You can use our Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel

This funnel allows you to sell leads to the big boys AND generate appointments using the same funnel to smaller clients 

A win-win scenario.

tips for lead generation

How to improve the lead quality on Facebook

If you’re struggling with lead quality and you only advertise on Facebook, then there’s one thing to do, that is to run an advertorial funnel.

Using an advertorial helps to educate the user more before they convert.

To do this, long copy ads are best to inform your audience.

As well as using an informative video to get rid of the tyre kickers.

This will help to exclude poor quality leads from your advertising.

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