How To Set Up Micro Conversions With Google Ads Conversion Tracking 🤏

Micro Conversions have become a vital tool in our Google Ads conversion tracking armoury!

Even with the iOS tracking problems, setting up micro conversions are a great way of having a birds-eye view on your campaign and even funnel performance, on an ad by ad basis.

While tracking in Google Ads isn’t 100% accurate, micro conversions can highlight holes in your funnel and areas where you could optimise.

For example, we noticed a big drop in our Quiz Start rates inside our google dashboard.

This allowed us to work on the quiz and landing page to try and increase it.

Ultimately we caught the drop early and optimised it quickly… meaning we got our CPL under control and limited wasted ad spend.

No guesswork, no time wasted digging around.

AND micro conversions are so simple to set up…

How to Set up Your Micro Conversions?

So you want to go into your Google Ad Account and go to the conversion section.

We always set up the following micro conversions –

  • Quiz Page View/ Landing Page View
  • 10 Seconds on the page
  • Quiz Start
  • Contact Information/ Results Page
  • Phone number view
  • Lead
You’ll want to set up these conversions in Google Tag Manager as shown in the video above, which should be quite straightforward.
Then the next key stage in this conversion tracking technique is to set up these micro conversions as columns in your google ads dashboard view.
This will allow you to see the cost per micro conversion, and also the conversion rate at each stage of the funnel.
This will allow you to have a birds-eye view of funnel performance within the google ads dashboard and will allow you to easily identify any holes in your funnel!
This is all available in the video above, I hope it makes sense.

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