The Low Risk Method To Transition From Retainers To The Pay Per Lead Model

Want to transition from the retainer model to the Pay Per Lead model but are worried about the risk involved?

Here’s how you can do just that easily and safely…

Retainer Vs Pay Per Lead

Retainers are contracts which tie in clients for a long period of time.

You offer them certain services for a payment per month.

The ad spend needs to be covered plus a management fee, all before any results have been produced.

Clients will try and get you to do as much work as possible for them to maximise their return for their payment.

Usually, the bigger the contract the more you have to do.

Pay Per Lead, however, is pure and simple.

You have one job to do, that is to generate leads.

You’ll charge per lead

So,  each week the client will pay for the leads they want and work them.

If they convert well the client will carry on, on a weekly basis paying for leads. 

Either party can stop at any time – neither party is locked into a long-term contract. 

They will pay for leads upfront so you don’t have to pay for ads out of your own pocket.


Why is Pay Per Lead better?

We’ve found that Pay Per Lead is a far superior model.


For so many reasons, but most importantly is because it’s so much easier to sell.

The retainer method is harder to sell as it’s a long term contract with a lot of money required, with no results. 

Whereas, Pay Per lead allows clients to test leads without having to commit to a long time. It also allows more flexibility between both parties.

You are seen as a partner as they see you as such a valuable asset to their business.

Financially, it’s also the better option. 

You can make 10x more than you would on your retainer.

In terms of your workload it is much more simple. 

You only have one job. Generating leads. The cheaper you get those leads for, the more money you make.

So there is so much room to grow and improve your ROI.

You won’t have your clients demanding you do everything imaginable, working you to the bone for 0 reward.

How to transition more safely…

Pay Per Lead can be more risky as it relies on your ability to get leads for a certain price. 

Some people are too nervous to go fully into it. 

It’s understandable as it can feel like a leap into the dark.

That’s why a transition can be good. 

So how do you do this?

Start by keeping your retainer clients and have one PPL client to test.

Or you could use a hybrid deal to know if it will work for you.

This would work something like this…

The client pays for ad spend and then they pay a small amount per lead ($1-$5) which can still be a good earner if you are doing volume.

Once this starts working well, you can land new PPL clients within the same industry once you know your metrics. 

You could also do a hybrid on a backend, so the client pays for ad spend and then pays a percentage per converted lead.

What Now?

We have a gameplan to help you make this transition from retainer contracts to Pay Per Lead even easier.

It’s how a student of mine used our gameplan to move from struggling to sell the hard retainer contracts to being able to onboard as many clients as he could.

He’s nearly at 100k a month now.

This could be you.

This gameplan is free and it’ll change the lead gen game for you completely.

Click here to get the gameplan.

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