How To Escape "Retainer Prison", Wrestle Back 100% Control of Your Time AND Give Yourself A Raise by Firing Your 10 Bosses (Clients)

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The Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel

Why do we call it “The Holy Grail”? Because with this funnel you can sell leads OR appointments to the SMALL and the BIG buyers from the same funnel.

This isn’t for newbies, only advanced lead gens.

Learn how we combine 4 of our favourite 3rd party tools to dominate any vertical we desire.

  • Unbounce – To build the funnels (templates provided)
  • LeadsHook – To survey and qualify the leads
  • Leadbyte – To distribute the leads
  • Oncehub or GoHighLevel – To book and sell client appointments (all from one calendar, not a round-robin malarkey!)

As I said, not for beginners, but if you are already doing ‘volume’ in a vertical, this will change everything.

What Other People Say

"Some of the things that [Dan] and his team have discovered, systemised and are doing is at an incredible level"

"I've gotten tonnes of value out of Flexxable. It's really had a huge impact because our business is based around a lot of what you teach"

"The information is very very actionable and it makes sense. It's laid out in a way that if you follow it, you're good."


Generate More Time And Money By Replacing Your 10 Retainer Clients Bosses With 1 Pay Per Lead Client

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