Generate Leads Using a Clients Database With NO Adspend

Your Clients Database…

The power of a clients database is huge. 

Re-engaging your clients database can be a goldmine.

It can set you up for a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Understanding how you can tap into this goldmine (your clients database) will get your client results WITHOUT any advertising spend. 

Sounds amazing, right?

But for many, onboarding new clients can be challenging.

Hearing another potential client decline your offer on a sales call can be difficult.

It happens all the time.

Let’s face the fact that it is difficult for a client to part with their money.

Investing in an individual can be a daunting prospect. 

They are expected to give away six months worth of advertising spend, a management fee, creatives fee and funnels. The list goes on… 

The client is expected to give away their money all in advance. 

It is a huge risk, especially if you are new to the lead gen game.

My client database mistakes…

Moving from retainer contracts to Pay Per Lead will help solve your problem to make it easier for your client to say yes.

But, ultimately you are still asking for an investment. 

It’s still a risk for your client.

I’ve found an absolute game changer that should help you overcome this potential problem.

Realise the power of your clients database.

How To Escape "Retainer Prison", Wrestle Back 100% Control Of Your Time AND Give Yourself A Raise By Firing Your 10 Bosses (Clients)

Lemme show you how to fire “pain in the butt” $2,000 a month retainer clients and replace them with $2,000 a DAY Pay Per Lead PARTNERS. Just press the button below quietly (so the warden doesn’t hear) and I’ll slide over my free “Retainer Prison” Escape Plan

Re-engaging Your Clients’ Database…

You have the ability to get results for clients without any advertising spend at all.

This is your goldmine to build success and long-term loyalty with your clients.

So much money is being dormant in our clients’ databases. 

Re-engage your client’s databases to target warm leads.

Use direct response marketing emails, direct mail, and re-engagement sequences.

This can be with ANY client in ANY niche. 

Any client who is looking to grow their business should love this no ad spend idea.

You can build the trust and relationship with your client first and then get them to reinvest in PPL. 

A true win-win for both parties.

I made the mistake of not doing this when I started to teach Pay Per Lead a few years ago. 

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

We would make so many fewer mistakes with it.

Hence why I’m telling you this now. So you can quickly build up trust with your clients and build a long-lasting relationship.

No more clients declining your offers.

No more clients ending contracts after six months.

We’ve gained over one million in revenue from our database and existing customers.

I truly wish I started doing this sooner.

Realising the true power of a clients’ database can be overwhelming at first. But as I say, it is a goldmine so take advantage of it as much as you can.

I know that it can also feel overwhelming to move from retainer contracts to Pay Per Lead.

So, if you feel like you need more help to escape retainer jail and find a client using PPL, then watch my Gameplan.

It’ll take you through the steps to “Escape Client Jail”. As well as get you on the right path to implement my profitable PPL Gameplan.

Watch my Gameplan here.

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