Effective Cold Prospecting Tips That Work

How to land new clients via cold prospecting…

Learning the best way to start cold prospecting for a new client can be confusing.

You may have already gone through this process before.

But it just hasn’t been a success…

…you’re probably wondering why.

It can be new territory. 

It’s always best to go after the people that you know/already have had results for.

It’s like in basketball, it’s best to always go after the layup, if you can.

So whatever is closest to the hoop for layups and slam dunks do first.

It is the most straightforward choice, right?

But, how do you go about cold prospecting?

The big mistake I see when people start to cold prospect is offering to get the prospect on the phone straight away.

Many just send out a cold email, and ask to jump on a zoom call.

This is a big NO.


This prospect doesn’t even know you yet.

90% of the people that’ll see that email are going to just blank it.

It’s too big a commitment and they know they’re going to get sold to.

It’s just not going to work.

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How to write your cold prospecting email…

Instead, when you reach out to cold prospects, add some humour into the email.

This’ll get their guard down.

The next thing you wanna do after that is ask them a binary question. 

This will get the conversation started, rather than trying to offer them something.

For example, for a car finance client, you could ask…

“Have you started selling more electric cars than petrol?”

Then sign your email and send.

The initial email really is that simple…

  1. Get their guard down
  2. Add in some humour
  3. Have a very simple binary question 

This will help you get a response.

This is what you want.

You want to do the closing and the back and forth when you know what you want to sell these people.

Try your best to get the conversation started, have some emails going back and forth, and then start to drop in your offer.

This type of email should work better than the old way people tell you to do it.

It’ll help you land clients, fast.

What Now?

If you’re looking for more tips about how to land clients and the next steps to take to grow your lead gen agency, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

We have tonnes of videos to help you start or grow your lead gen agency.

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