How To Re-Engage Clients With No Adspend

So… you want to re-engage clients, but don’t have a clue where to start…

Sound like you?

For some reason, taking the easy route is frowned upon. 

We are always expected to do something challenging to get from A to B. 

When in reality, this isn’t always the best route to take. 

You wouldn’t purposely try to make a task more difficult than it needs to be, would you?  

So why should it be the same for finding clients?

Why should you spend money running paid ads to find new clients who don’t know you?

That’s why I want to show you how to re-engage clients who you have previously worked with before.

The people that trust you and know that you will be able to provide them with what they want.

There’s really no need to make this process complex.

Right, let’s show you how to re-engage with clients.

A great way to re-engage with clients is to send them a quick email.

This’ll act as a way to see who is still interested.

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How to re-engage clients via email…

Use a subject line like “Do you have the capacity for more XYZ business?”

Once you get on to writing the email, you want to keep it short and simple.

There’s no need to make an offer just yet.

This is so important to remember.

Begin the email with a problem which the client is likely to be dealing with.

Make sure to link it to money. This could be to do with buying a house or expecting a new baby – if you know this is true/relevant to the client. 

Linking this first sentence to money will make them subconsciously think that things are getting more expensive for them.

Clever, right?

Underneath that, ask them “Do you have the capacity for more XYZ business to help you pay for that?”

Then sign off the email.

It’s really that simple.

First, relate to money and then ask if they have more capacity for more business.

Don’t bother asking about jumping on a zoom call in the first email to discuss.

The purpose of this email is just to get some hands raised.

How to re-engage clients who are interested…

When they respond, mention what you are now doing which is different from when you worked with them before.

For example, you may be doing Pay Per Lead, or offering something new that they might need help with.

Then ask if they want to have a zoom call.

Make sure you make it clear that you won’t be asking for a long-term commitment.

But instead, you just want to see if you can help them.

On this zoom call you will find out the holes in their business that they may need help with.

We’ve had a 100% response rate to the initial email we sent out.

I’d say that using this method should get you two or three clients re-engaged if you send out ten emails. That’s if you have a nice offer.

Your agency would have improved a lot since you last worked with them.

I’m sure they’ll be eager to work with you again.

Using these simple emails should prove that choosing the simple or easier route works a charm.

Start reaching out to clients that trust you rather than going after new clients with paid ads who don’t know you.

It’s a simple and effective way to re-engage clients.

You can share your success on my Facebook Pay-Per-Lead Ninjas group.

Or ask any questions you may have about re-engaging clients and what to do once they are ready to sign on.

There’s currently over 4,000 of us in the group.

So there’s so much opportunity to learn as you go.

Join Pay-Per-Lead Ninjas here.

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