Lead Segmentation & Performance Based Marketing

Understanding how lead segmentation works is vital to take advantage of the opportunity in the lead generation market, particularly in the B2B space.

This may be in finance, loans, tax refunds, you name it.

But if you want to crack these competitive markets… 

It’s all about finding the right angle through lead segmentation.

Lead Segmentation…

It’s a known fact that businesses have been struggling during this pandemic.

Businesses are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Many are requiring loans to get through the pandemic, especially now the furlough scheme is coming to an end (over here in the UK anyway).

There are a lot of lead gen offers in the B2B space.

There’s also scale for these kinds of industries.

Lead Segmentation is the way forward.

Some people struggle to find angles into the market. 

One big mistake people make is thinking that businesses aren’t on facebook.

This is completely not true.

The majority of business owners, like me, are on Facebook.

To find the best angles into the market, you need to look for segments of the market – lead segmentation.

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You need to show ads that relate to the best type of businesses.

The ones that’ll be high value and high quality for the end client.

To find the best angles/hooks, you need to get inside the head of the prospect – the client’s client.

For example, they’ll pay VAT and Corporation Tax, they may have dormant office space, or use an AMEX card to rack up points.

Find an angle that directly speaks to the client.

Then you will know you are speaking to the right prospect.

It’s like you would never start talking to a child in the same way you talk to an adult, right?

You find different ways to talk to different people in life.

Same applies here.

The importance of lead segmentation…

Lead Segmentation is about finding different angles to engage with different consumers.

Choose the relevant characteristics of the consumer.

The consumer will be much more likely to read the creative and be interested in that angle if it directly applies to them.

Even if a certain angle will only work for a relatively small target market. 

Just make your budget smaller for that campaign.

You want to think of an angle for each type of person with your media buying.

Find a bunch of angles and test, test, test.

Become smarter than the average media buyer.

Take advantage of lead segmentation.

This will help you to compete and dominate within lead generation in the B2B space.

I hope this is useful for you so you can start taking action and find new angles within the B2B space.

If you are looking for more in-depth guidance to find angles into a certain market, or to even choose what market to go after, Take The Lead shows you how to do this.

Everything you need to know is inside my book.

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