Closing On The Phone – My Top Tips

Closing on the phone.

It can be intimidating. 

That’s why I’m dividing this blog into two parts.

Part 1 – Why Your Offer Is So Important!

Sometimes there’s desperation when it comes down to closing on the phone.

You just know it’s not going to end well.

It’s like walking into a bar in your early twenties and seeing someone who has caught your eye.

You want to start chatting to them.

You pluck up the courage to go over…

… but you start stumbling over your words.

You just know before you even end the conversation that you haven’t got a chance.

You lack confidence.

There’s desperation in your voice.

You don’t feel comfortable.

The exact same goes with closing on the phone.

Why people have trouble closing on the phone…

If you’re trying to sell an idea that isn’t attractive, you’re going to have very little chance.

You will have to force the idea down someone’s throat and try to get them interested.

It just isn’t going to work, let’s be honest.

It actually doesn’t really matter about…

  1. Your tone of voice
  2. The time you call
  3. The amazing script you follow.

What really matters is the offer.


Closing on the phone – How to ace it…

Sometimes it can even be your offer dressed up in a different way.

When I tried to sell retainer contracts, realistically, it was one in every twenty sales calls I closed.

Then I moved to performance based marketing.

There was nothing for me to lose on the phone call.

I had so many people interested in my offer already as there was little risk for the client.

As soon as that happened, I was able to detach myself from the outcome.

Closing was made a lot easier as the desperation left me.

When you relax and put less pressure on the outcome of the call, you’ll perform better.

Try to empty your mind of all of the negative thoughts about “What if I don’t close this sale?”

Then things will start changing for the better.

closing on the phone

Part 2 – Know When To Hold Your Hands Up!

Sometimes, even when you have an amazing offer, you’ll still get clients saying that they don’t understand it. 

At the moment we have an offer for our clients where we don’t ask for any adspend upfront, no long-term commitments, we don’t ask for a cost per lead upfront, or any money at all. 

We generate leads from their existing database.

It’s the greatest offer in the world.

It’s free money to the clients. 

There’s no reason at all why they should say no to it. 

But guess what?

Some still say no to it.

They don’t understand. 

We’ve had kickbacks like “why would we give you our client’s database? They contact me when they’re good and ready, I don’t want to annoy them”.

Comments like that are aggravating to say the least.

My tip is, don’t try and sell to these people.

We make it so clear how good the offer is by explaining the process to them.

But if they still say no, then all you can do is hold up your hands and detach yourself from the situation. 

We usually ask them if we can contact them in a couple of months when we can provide results in a case study. 

They usually say yes to this.

Sometimes no matter how good the offer is, some people aren’t convinced. 

So don’t waste your precious time trying to convince them. 

End the call politely and move on to the next.

Detach yourself from the outcome of the call. 

What To Do Now...

So, if you’re struggling with what you’re trying to sell, I have a case study – a Gameplan is what I’m calling it. 

It’s how a student of mine used my Gameplan to move from struggling to sell the hard retainer contracts to being able to onboard as many clients as he could.

How did he do this? 

Just by changing his offer.

He was able to know that there were 10 other people after the call that wanted what he was offering – Performance Based Pay Per Lead Marketing.

Things changed so quickly for him. 

He’s nearly at 100k a month now – all because he changed his offer.

Closing isn’t an issue for him now.

This Gameplan is free and it’ll change the way you sell.

Sick of being a “Master Of None” and a slave to your ‘whale’ clients?

I would fire a pain-in-the-butt $2,000 a month retainer client for Pay Per Lead PARTNERS that make $3,000 profit a DAY every day of the week.

In fact, I fired them ALL!

Would you?

Then get our “Retainer Prison” escape plan.

It’s free.

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