How To Cut Your Cost Per Lead In Half

Cost Per Lead…

Cutting down our Cost Per Lead can be a tough one.

You may be used to making small optimisations and hoping for a big drop in your Cost Per Lead.

But, as we know, sometimes this doesn’t happen.

It’s similar to starting to change small aspects of your life to enjoy your life more.

But you begin to realise that a big part of your life you’re not happy with anymore.

Completely changing this big part is very likely to result in you enjoying life so much more.

Big changes can lead to big successes.

Even if you feel like you’re taking a leap in the dark.

But what I have for you is tried and tested.

It just takes some simple creative originality.

One guy in my Mastermind group is working in a big competitive industry.

He’s generating about 50 leads a day – nothing massive.

He isn’t getting too much profit left over.

He needs to cut his Cost Per Lead down…

… and FAST!

I’ve suggested to him to start creating User Generated Content.


How To Lower Your Cost Per Lead…

It’s pretty simple.

  1. Write a script.
  2. Find an actor – maybe from fiverr, peopleperhour, or even from a Facebook acting group.
  3. Get them to film themselves using their phone in front of their house/car/whatever it is that you’re selling.

You want the physical objects that are related to the offer to be seen.

For the Mastermind guy, once he was able to describe and position the offer well, he was able to cut his cost per lead in half.

This was HUGE for him.

For the script, you’ll need to come up with a great angle/hook for that market. 

Find an angle that people might not be aware of.

Try to move up the awareness cycle.

That’ll help broaden your target market.

Finding that angle into the market that maybe people are less aware of will get you cheaper cost per clicks and ultimately reduce your cost per lead.

Having someone in front of what you’re selling, adds a completely new angle to your ad.

This guy in my Mastermind group is having such amazing success on Facebook and YouTube.

He’s been able to half his cost per lead, just by creating User Generated Content.

These are the sort of lengths you have to go to to stand out.

What Now?

I hope this helps you to reduce your cost per lead by up to a half.

But, if you’re still struggling with choosing your best offer, I have a gameplan for you.

It’s how a student of mine used my gameplan to move from struggling to sell the hard retainer contracts to being able to onboard as many clients as he could.

He’s nearly at 100k a month now.

This gameplan is free and it’ll change the way you sell.

Click here to get the gameplan.

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