Emotion-Driven Copy For Your Landing Page

How to write landing page copy…

You are looking for the best tips for writing your landing page copy.

There can be a lot of internet marketing tactics floating around.

But which ones actually work?

I always think about what would work in real life.

You are more likely to get on with people when they completely get you…

… what you’re feeling, what you’re going through, how to make it better.

You feel like you can trust them as they just get you and you feel comfortable with them.

That’s a good way to make long-lasting relationships.

So, I thought why not try using this same idea when I write landing page copy?

I have a great internet marketing tactic which I use while running ads to a landing page for a financial services offer.

A lot of you who have come through my funnel will have seen my content about our escape plan…

…To be able to escape retainer jail, you want to fire your retainer clients and be able to replace it with performance based marketing.

We use emotional copy.

We’re not talking about Pay Per Lead at all until the subheadline on the landing page.

We start by targeting people’s pain points.

Many experience the same pain points when they’re struggling to run ads for clients.

Common pain points include…

  • Retainer bosses demanding you do more work for less money
  • You are tied into running ads for clients and not getting paid what you’re worth

I’d challenge you to run some similar copy on your own landing page.

Run some copy where you talk about the pain points – even just as a variant.

How To Escape "Retainer Prison", Wrestle Back 100% Control Of Your Time AND Give Yourself A Raise By Firing Your 10 Bosses (Clients)

Lemme show you how to fire “pain in the butt” $2,000 a month retainer clients and replace them with $2,000 a DAY Pay Per Lead PARTNERS. Just press the button below quietly (so the warden doesn’t hear) and I’ll slide over my free “Retainer Prison” Escape Plan

Car finance landing page copy example…

Let’s say for car finance, a headline like…

“Ready to replace the 4-year-old beat up VW with your kid’s sweetie wrappers under the car seat and dog hair that hasn’t been cleaned for 3 months?”

You want to lead with an emotion and pain led headline.

Something that’ll capture how the reader is truly thinking…

…before trying to sell them something or make them enter their details.

This is what I talk about a lot.

Zigging when others zag in lead gen.

Try something different.


Give this landing page internet marketing tactic a go.

If you need any other help, check out our Flexxable YouTube channel.

It’s full of videos with other helpful tips and tricks to try out.

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