Use this Facebook Ad Hack To SLASH Your Cost Per Lead! ✂️

The Facebook Ad Hack…

We first thought that everyone knew about this Facebook Ad Hack.

However on one of our weekly Q&A calls with our students, I was surprised that not many people knew about it.

The Facebook Ad Hack is…  🥁

Post IDs!

No, this isn’t boosting organic posts. This is using an Ad ID that allows you to show the SAME ad in multiple different ad sets, rather than duplicating the ad and having many different versions of the same ad.

For example…

Without the Facebook Ad Hack (Post IDs)

  1. 5 seperate ads (exactly the same copy, creative headline etc)
  2. 5 adsets
  3. A couple of likes and comments on each ad

With the Facebook Ad Hack (Post IDs)

  1. 1 ad
  2. 5 ad sets
  3. Used Post ID to make sure the same ad shows up in each ad set.
  4. 5x the likes and comments!

The more social proof you can get on your ad, the more Facebook will push it in the auction.

Facebook want ads on their platform that encourage engagement from their users. So if your ad can collate a decent amount of likes and comments, this will indicate to facebook people are enjoying your content and you will get better traffic AND cheaper traffic…

That’s why this Facebook Ad Hack will ultimately cut your cost per lead.

How To Implement Post IDs…

So how can you implement this Facebook Ad Hack?

Post IDs are extremely easy to set up and I’ll walk you through the process now.

  1. Create your campaign in Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Then create your “Base Ads Adset”. This will not have traffic run to so you don’t need to fill out any audience options. It’s just a Base Adset to build your ads in. 
  3. Once the adset is created, start creating your ads.
  4. Create your ads as you would normally, However, don’t optimise any of the placements for your image.
  5. You can run a video ad, image ad, collection etc. It will all work
  6. Once you have created your ads, publish your work.
  7. Once published wait 10 seconds and refresh the page.
  8. The next stage of our Facebook Ad Hack requires you open up your first ad, click the “share” button and select “Facebook Post With Comments”.
facebook ad hack
  1. Then the ad will open up. Copy and paste the number at the end of the URL (shown above).
  2. Create your first proper adset. Add your audience targeting etc and then create a new ad within the adset.
  3. Under “Ad Setup” click the drop-down menu and select “Use Existing Post”.
  4. This will change the “Ad Creative” Section. Click on “Enter Post ID” and paste in the number you copied earlier.
Facebook Ad Hack
  1. You want to first check its the correct ad.
  2. Then, IF IT’S AN IMAGE AD,  you want to edit placements. Click “select a placement to edit” and amend your images accordingly.
  3. On your first Post ID ad, you may have to select your correct domain. Scroll down and check it is filled in.
  4. Then repeat this Facebook Ad Hack for every ad you have created.
  5. Once the asset has been populated with all your ads via post id, you can duplicate the ad set, and amend the targeting for each.
  6. This will give multiple adsets all with the same Post ID ads in, which will help you collate masses of social proof to slash your cost per lead.

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