The Only Youtube Ad Script Template You Will Ever Need

Writing a YouTube ad script…

You want to write a great YouTube ad script.

But where do you even begin?

Choosing a YouTube ad script template that’ll work time and time again can be difficult.

There’s some things you can rely on in life.

They’ll work time and time again.

It’s great having something so reliable.

Something you can just trust and not spend too much time on.

I have something just like that for you…

Our YouTube ad script template.

It has never failed me or my students.

Before getting into the template that works for us, I wanna go through whether you should be using an actor/spokesperson or some stock footage.

As busy agency owners, sometimes you want stuff done quickly.

You may not have  the time or ability to write the script, get the actor, spend money on it, get it up…

…This may take up to a few weeks.

Then all of a sudden you have something that doesn’t work and you’re back to square one.

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Creating a YouTube Ad Script…

First thing I’d recommend, is to get a script written by yourself or by a copywriter – if you have one of course.

Get a recording done, we tend to use someone off for this.

It’s always a good idea to create a male and female version for testing.

Now you have two voiceovers, you can choose some stock footage that matches the voiceover.

This is quick and easy to get up, it’ll be something good to start testing and to get some leads in.

Then move to filming it yourself or use peopleperhour for example to hire professional actors to film themselves.

Make sure to write multiple scripts to find what works best.

We’ve found that the shaky iphone camera type of video works really well.

It helps create a natural video.

People want to be entertained and watch something they can relate to, 

Next most important point…

The tone of the voiceover/spokesperson

You want it to sound informal.

The tone needs to be like a bbq conversation.

So try and keep it feeling real and relatable.

This also means choosing an appropriate background, to add to the informality and relatability of the video. 

You’ll see your CPL dropping as a result.

Now onto what you’re mainly looking for…

YouTube Ad Script Template

I’m gonna break it down into 5 main points.

  1. Grab attention 
  2. Build emotion (Pain & Desire) 
  3. Relate to their pain
  4. Give value/solve their problem
  5. Call To Action

Grab attention

The first 5 seconds are the most important part. 

You need an amazing hook to get the viewer engaged from the start.

Show some energy from the first second of the video. 

You need to use this moment where you stop people in their tracks.

Build emotion (Pain & Desire) 

You want to agitate their pain points and make them feel like you know the struggle they’re going through.

Target their pain points using the bbq style conversation.

This will create desire.

Relate to their pain

Relating to their pain builds a connection between you and the reader. 

To do this, try and share an experience that mirrors theirs.

Even a bit of humour works well here.

Again, make the pain as relatable as you can.

Give value/solve their problem 

Ensure that this fulfils on your promise. 

At this point they want some sort of evidence that this will help them.

Share testimonials or case studies that prove your solution works. 

Start going into detail about the product or service.

Call To Action

Now we want to give them a reason to click – so the call to action.

Hopefully at this point, they’re engaged. It shouldn’t be hard for them to click the call to action at the end of the video.

Challenge the audience to act on the information you’ve given them. 

Give a benefit based CTA.

That’s pretty much it!

That’s our YouTube ad script that hasn’t failed me or my students.

It kinda makes sense to do it this way, in an informal style.

But make sure you aren’t blabbing on, as your video can easily become four or five mins long. 

Still keep it concise and keep it to between 60-90 seconds.

This’ll all help to give yourself the best chance of creating a great YouTube ad.

So what Now?

As always, if you’ve found this video helpful, check out our Flexxable YouTube channel.

We create new videos every week.

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