How We Slashed Our Cost Per Lead from $60 to $12 Overnight 😲

Want to find out how our students slashed their cost per lead by 80% overnight?

What’s even more impressive is that they did it WITHOUT coming up with new angles or hooks.

Let’s get straight into showing you exactly how they did it…

Why many FB lead gens struggle with their cost per lead

Many lead gens struggle with their business model.

Retainer contracts don’t incentivize as you are at odds with your client.

Many lead gens also stick to reverse engineering competitors’ funnels.

This is great, but many people who do this expect to get better results than their competitors whilst not trying to be original. 

This is not going to happen.

Similarly, some lead gens think that using the same hook/angle into the market is going to work forever. 

These same lead gens use the same offer for all age brackets and think it’s going to work equally well for all ages.

This again is not going to happen.

So how can you reduce your cost per lead within 48 hours?


Find your ‘Niche Within A Niche’

If you want to come up with the best hooks/angles to reduce your cost per lead, you are going to need to find your niche within a niche.

We call it ‘spitballing’.

Start brainstorming ideas of particular people you can target your ads to.

This could be business owners, parents, Mums, contractors, etc.

Once you have chosen your niche within a niche, it’s important to show a result to help the consumer.

This is a great hook.

For example for the car finance niche, specifically targeting business owners…

“Some business owners can buy their car inside a limited company and reduce their tax bill at the same time. This quick survey will show you how”.

cost per lead

New Campaign Structure To Reduce Cost Per Lead

You’ll want to create a new campaign using ABO.

Start by taking your best targeting and split that up into ad sets for your different age brackets.

Take your best ad with the best angle and hook and create variations of that ad to suit each age bracket.

You should be focusing on what is working, starting with your audience and also your best ad.

Then start doubling down on what is working by writing a lot more ads based on data.

This is all Ryan and Andrew did to slash their cost per lead from $60 to $12 overnight.

cost per lead

Writing new copy

We’ve found a tool that’s great with helping you to spit out great copy FAST.

Jarvis is an AI that writes copy. 

You give him some basic information like company, product description and the tone of voice and he can spin off hundreds of variations of ad headlines and ad copy.

It allows you to even input your winning ad and let Jarvis smash out versions based on that.

It’s great for a lead gen agency, Jarvis can…

  • Create Facebook headlines based off of what works
  • Produce Facebook ad copy
  • Create Youtube scripts
  • Adapt high level copy to something a child would understand
  • Create website headlines and subheadlines
  • Brainstorm different angles into the market

What now?

Want to find out how one of my students reduced his cost per lead from $60 to $12 overnight and over delivered on leads?

Get access to our cheat sheet which will show just how you can have the same success.

Just email with the subject line ‘Cheat Sheet’ to

If you are interested in the FREE Trial with Jarvis, and claim your 10,000 words FREE then sign up here.

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