How To Do Pay Per Lead For Free 💲💲

Want to start using the Pay Per Lead model for free?

Here’s exactly how to do it…

Traditional Pay Per Lead Model

How does the Pay Per Lead model actually work?

It’s pretty simple, you generate leads for X and sell them to a client for 2X. 

The difference between what you generate the leads for and what you sell your leads for is your profit.

They pay a pre-agreed price per lead.

The client pays for leads upfront, each week and you deliver.

It’s that straightforward.


What to expect from the Pay Per Lead model

The first few clients in a new niche are purely for market research.

You want to find out what criteria they want, what works for them, client relationships, lead quality and cost per lead.

You are going to learn a lot and FAST. 

If you make money off these clients, that’s great!

But don’t be too down heartened if not.

The first few clients are a learning experience. 

Take the lessons you learn and apply them to the rest of the market.

pay per lead

Here are TWO ways you can do it for FREE:

Pay on conversion

The client will pay for your ad spend, but you won’t get paid a penny until they get conversions.

You will then get paid a set fee for each lead that converts for them.

This is what we call a hybrid deal – it’s an easy sell.

This is a deal we won’t offer forever.

But, make sure you use this money to learn – you’re learning on their dime.

You can then use everything you’ve learnt to land bigger clients to earn large profits.

pay per lead

No Ad Spend

Using this method, you also don’t have to worry about spending a penny on paid ads.

You take their database and re-engage them via email marketing.

Most companies don’t chase after two weeks and instead concentrate on hot leads coming in.

So, you can re-engage the list and for every conversion you can get 50% commission.

50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

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