How To Find A Niche Within A Niche That Will Smash Your ROI… 📈

Today let’s take you through how to find a niche within a niche that will help you conquer your market!

What is a niche within a niche?

It’s where you find a micro niche within a huge industry. 

For example car finance, you could choose to just go after car finance for business owners, or mums in debt etc.

You want to cut through the marketing space to get to the consumer.

You can’t be lazy, you have to look for it.

Find out what kind of consumer hasn’t been tapped into yet.

This can be done in ANY industry.

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Why is finding a micro niche a good thing?

It’s about finding pockets within a niche that you can call out better, and personalise the ad experience a bit more.

It’ll help protect you against ad blindness. 

A lot of lead gens will go for a broad offer (which can work). But what happens is that similar ads will be shown to the same people and people will get ad blindness. 

Finding a micro niche can slightly change the hook. So your ad stands out from the crowd to a particular target audience.

This will help to create less competition in a competitive niche.

For example in the buy to let mortgage space in the UK, targeting business owners is great as they can buy a property very quickly without much paperwork.

How to find your niche within a niche

You will need to research how the consumer behaves. There maybe particular character traits that stick out in the target market.

For example, we saw a lot of single mums who were struggling with debt so we built our brand around that market.

Speak to your client. 

Then get information from them. 

A particular gender, homeowner, business owner, parents, university educated etc etc. 

If you don’t already have a client, type into Google mortgage forums, for example, or join Facebook groups to see what people are talking about.

You will be able to start finding trends of areas people are struggling with because they can’t get the help they need.

Listen to the consumer.

This can all help find your micro niche.

If you want our booming niche guide, email with the subject line ‘Millennial’ to find the best industries to take into 2022.

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