How To Optimize Your PPL Offer

Here’s how you optimize your PPL offer despite rising Facebook CPMs.

Sure, ad costs on FB are rising.

And they’re gonna get more expensive.

But it’s not a reason to worry.


Make better ads Fix your funnel Improve your media buying skillz …

and work on your complete lead-gen picture.

Matt C. Milne did.

He needed to improve his PPL offer to improve conversions.

So he TOOK CONTROL and joined our weekly calls.

He detailed his PROBLEM, which was low appointment rates.

We worked with him to improve the QUALITY OF HIS LEADS so he could grow his appointment rates and revenue.

I personally reviewed his funnel.

I suggested segmentation and some different micro conversion questions in a proposed survey funnel.

He bought Leadshook and implemented (Matt gets things done).

And within a few months these simple changes took him to $100K a MONTH WITH ONE CLIENT. Bam!

Impressive result, isn’t it…

You’re probably looking for revenue growth in your own PPL biz.

Just do what Matt did. Have you got an offer that you’ve kinda got dialled in…

…but the quality or margin isn’t where it needs to be?

If you do, I’m looking to help a small group of lead gens.

If you’ve got existing clients and you’re already generating leads – but you need to get your shizzle working – I’m opening the door to help.

But only for the next 14 days.

Email- [email protected] to get started

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