The Curious Case Of Max Conversions

Max Conversions

We’ve all started a campaign on max conversions in google and watched in horror as it spends over 3x the budget in under 6 hours, with little to show for it.

Frustrating is an understatement!

This WILL happen. There’s no way around it, no hacks to stop it, it’s as inevitable as death and taxes.

However, here at Flexxable, we always try to turn a negative into a positive! This can be something you can use to your advantage!

Before you cry out “WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING DAN! How can this possibly be turned into a positive”.

Hear me out.


For max conversions, have a budget in mind you want to start with… Then half it.

This will mitigate the amount google spends over and above you limit.

It still may spend over it or it may spend a little below, but it will protect you from a heavy overspend no matter what.


Try and turn your max conversions campaign on early in the morning. This allows the campaign to spend a little more evenly. 

Too many times have I been eager to get a new campaign up which I’ve been sure will crush it. Turn it on at 7 pm and it wastes a ton of money in an hour or two with nada to show for it.

No matter how hot you think this new campaign will be, try and wait to turn it on in the morning.


This can be a good chance to test a lot of creatives quickly. It might not be enough data to decide on CPL’s, but the metrics you want to look for at View Rate %, CPC, & CTR%. This can give you a good indication of which ads are going to be good going forward. 

Think of this initial overspend as your “creative testing budget”, and use it to your advantage!

Watch my video on max conversions to learn more. If you have any questions ask below.

If you want to have chat, send me a Facebook message.

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