Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: Which Ones Best & Where Should you Start

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads…

What’s best for you?

It’s tempting to jump straight into showing ads on one platform straight away.

But taking a leap in the dark can not just be overwhelming, but can also cost an arm and a leg…

…particularly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So before you start pouring your money down the drain within days without learning enough to make it worthwhile…

Here’s what you need to know before jumping ship…

Pros of starting with Facebook ads…

  1. Speed of implementation – you can start with three or four big angles/ideas. You’re then able to get them up quickly, find out what hook is working, start culling quickly and keep testing.
  2. Amazing algorithm – Facebook gathers so much information from their users – anything from their personal details to what ads and videos they engage with. Plus everything with retargeting and pixels that you can do makes this platform so worthwhile.
  3. Cost – the cost compared to Google Search, cost per clicks, are both super cheap. 
  4. Huge audience – so many people are constantly scrolling through their Facebook news feed. So if you can interrupt them with an ad with a great hook, which they can engage with quickly.
  5. Great for beginners – it’s a much easier platform for beginners to start.
  6. Size of the audience – such a wide audience and interests to choose from. You also have the ability to create lookalike audiences from people that have already converted for your client.

Pros of Google Ads…

  1. Diverse network – you have YouTube, Display network, Gmail ads, Google Discovery, Search – there’s so many ways to generate leads.
  2. Amazing targeting – you can target those that are in the market for your product/service. There’s also custom affinity and custom intent audiences to narrow your search further. 
  3. Great algorithm – we see great results when we run big, broad audiences with great hooks, offers, and creatives. It usually even outperforms all the targeting interests when you’ve got a big enough budget.
  4. Better quality leads – particularly if you’re running search based traffic. Facebook doesn’t have intent based leads. If someone is searching for buying a used car, that is someone that is ready to go and become a high quality lead. They are ready to close.
  5. Better customer support – can get in touch within a few minutes. They have more lenient policies and there’s more of a back and forth in warnings before considering your ad account to be shut down. 
  6. Better tracking and offline conversions – being able to track your leads better with less technical know-how to get going.
Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

Cons for Facebook ads…

  1. Lack of support to their users – a lot of users are having problems with their accounts being shut down. It’s hard to get in touch with someone at Facebook which can be frustrating for their users.
  2. Stricter policy – ads can sometimes be easily removed and accounts even banned for using the word “you” in an ad. Again, this can be frustrating.
  3. iOS 14 updates – with users opting out of being tracked, this has caused issues with tracking the number of leads that come in.
  4. Lookalikes and retargeting audiences are less powerful – they generally know less about the person compared to Google Search.
  5. Lead quality can be less strong – people tend to be more intrigued by the ad rather than wanting to have a phone call because of having a strong need for the product/service, and are an easy sell. 

Cons for Google Ads…

  1. Can be overwhelming – as it is such a broad network it’s difficult to know where to start! It takes more time and money to test, and to properly get things dialled in.
  2. Harder to churn out creatives – this isn’t applicable to Google Search. But within Youtube for example, you need to be able to write good scripts and make videos, which can be much harder to do well. 
  3. Google is more sensitive to changes inside their account – sometimes making small changes in an ad campaign like adding in a new creative can mess up your account.
  4. Requires more experience – less easy to get started with compared to Facebook. Google Ads is more appropriate for advanced marketers.

So what’s better?

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads.

Both networks serve different purposes.

I’d say that Facebook is better for beginners and YouTube is great for more advanced marketers.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t cross over both.

Some creatives will work on both platforms and you may even be able to slash your CPL in half by trying out both platforms.

But if you’re a beginner I’d recommend starting with Facebook. 

Once you’ve got that dialled in, move to Google Ads.

Within Google, I’d start with YouTube first. Then probably Google Search, and after that move to the other platforms Google has to offer.

I hope that this breakdown of Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads has helped you to make up your mind so you can start to dominate your market.

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