How To Pick The Best Booming Niches For Lead Generation

What are the best booming niches for performance based lead generation?

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to waste their time.

Our time is precious.

So we want to find things that interest us.

It works exactly the same as choosing the best booming niches for lead gen.

We want to choose a niche which interests us and that will make us money!

Most of us tend to be pretty impatient.

So we don’t want to spend months working in a niche that isn’t going to work well for us long-term.

So what should you do?

Don’t over complicate things.

Try not to focus on reinventing the wheel.

There’s not much point.

Look at what you’re already doing and what experience you have first.

Focus on finding more clients in the niche you’re already working in.

You’ll already know what your quality is like, what your cost per lead is, what hooks work, etc etc.

Stick to what you already know is working well for you.

But what if you don’t have any experience in any of the best booming niches?

I’d recommend you go after ‘foot in the door’ clients.

It will open up a brand new opportunity for you.

This could be a car finance broker, for example, if you’re looking to get a new car. 

Or if you have no experience and no foot in the door potential, then start looking at what kinds of ads people are running in different niches.

Tools like Facebook Ads Library, BigSpy, AdvertSuite, and a simple Google Search are great for this, to see what interests you.

When you are looking at entering a new vertical, you need to make sure there’s enough volume in leads for you to make money.

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What classifies as one of the best booming niches?

To reiterate, there must be enough volume.

There must be a big enough audience to show ads to, to generate a volume of leads for your client.

This can be B2B or B2C.

You also want to make sure that the sale price is big enough for there to be profits to be shared between the agency (you) and the client.

Tight margins won’t be worth it!

There’s often niches popping up all the time, for example, people having accidents at work, people mis-sold car finance, etc.

Money for jam industries like solar for example, as the consumer makes money from installing solar panels on their roof – an absolute no brainer.

Financial services – mortgages, secured loans, car finance, anything where there’s a chunky sales commission. 

There’s so much opportunity out there!

best booming niches

Is competition good or bad?

Competition is not bad. It isn’t the enemy.

There’s a level playing field for us all.

If your creative, offer, and funnel are better than the next person, Facebook is going to give you traffic over the competitor who is selling 1,000 leads a month.

Ultimately, it’s about being good at what you do.

It’s about learning how to start thinking laterally.

No industry is ‘saturated’.

So don’t let the false idea that an industry is “too saturated” put you off.

Niches to avoid…

It’s less about the niche and more about the location you can advertise in.

If a local plumber can only take leads in a 5 mile radius, there’s no ability for this to scale.

A national campaign is so much easier.

As the client can take offers from anywhere in the country.

It’s all about the size of the market you can advertise to and the ability to scale.

What Now?

Here’s a resource guide to the booming niches to go after if you’re thinking of getting into performance based lead gen. 

It’ll stop you from wasting time and money entering the wrong kind of niche.


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