Building An Instant Experience Ad For Lead Gen on Facebook 🛠️

With the iOS updates and potential cookie blackout looming, we as media buyers need to be looking at ways to mitigate the risk this could have on our business!

One huge way we can do this is by working on “In-app” experiences.

This particularly applies to Facebook.

What are Instant Experience Ads?

Instant experience ads can refer to multiple ad types within Facebook Business Manager. 

We’ve spoken about the Collections Ads (which is more about the ad creative), but now we are going to talk about the actual Instant Experience (which comes after the ad).

Instant experiences are basically landing pages that are hosted within Facebook. They are heavily used in the E-com sector, but not really utilized in lead gen.

This is something we want to change!

You can add Images, Text, Buttons, Headers, Videos & Carousels to showcase your product or service.

Facebook has templates, or you can create your own from scratch.

They look something like this – 

Instant Experience

Why use Instant Experience ads?

With all the iOS updates and cooked blackouts looming, “in-app” experiences are going to be more and more important. 

Keeping the prospect within the app longer is going to help Facebook help you with tracking and performance. 

Anything a user does within the app Facebook can see. As soon as you go off the app, and you’re relying on the pixel/cookies, Facebook will have less visibility.

Therefore, “In-App” experiences are going to become more and more important. It’s even rumoured that Facebook is going to be investing a lot of money into their instant experiences to pre-empt the inevitable cookie blackout.

So with that in mind, what can Instant Experiences offer YOU when it comes to lead generation…

Rapid Load Times

Instant Experiences are precisely that!


As soon as a prospect clicks on your ad the Facebook ad appears “instantly”, almost 10 times faster than the load time of your average landing page.

This is huge for drop off rates. 

Usually, we see (on average) around 20% drop off before hitting the page. With Instant experience, 100% of people hit the page, which means more people are seeing your content and therefore you have a larger pool of people who may potentially convert.

Perfect for Advertorials

Instant experience ads are perfect for use with advertorials.

You can easily build an advertorial in the instant experience builder and make it look just as slick as on a page builder.

Ensure to set up your CTAs and make every image clickable and you have an epic advertorial that will kick out the tyre kickers and improve quality, and conversion rates!

In-app instant experience privileges

When you use an instant experience the first privilege you’re going to enjoy is more preferential treatment in the auction. Facebook like it when people are kept within their platform for longer and there like instant experiences when it comes to the bidding process.

Fewer compliance issues as it’s not technically a web page. You obviously have to be careful to be compliant with the copy, but in terms of the page set-up and disclaimers etc, there is less need for that in an instant experience. This is because they are seen as a warm-up before going to the landing page.

Finally, as mentioned above, keeping them in-app longer means Facebook can help more with optimization and performance.

In the video at the top, my account manager Graham has done a step by step tutorial on how to create an epic instant experience ad for lead gen. I encourage you to have a look and create your own!

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