An Example Advertorial That Converts Like CRAZY! 🤪

The example advertorial I’m going to show you is one we ran in the financial services market, that brought in over $1.5 million in revenue.

So it has definitely been proven to work with a lot of ad budget behind it.

But before we get onto the example advertorial, a little bit of background on what they are and why they work for people who’ve never used them before…

Why use advertorials?

Advertorials are tools that marketers use to ad friction within their funnel. 

It’s an added step between the ad and quiz/form page to pre-frame the prospect into converting while getting rid of the tyre kickers.

Meaning lead quality should improve greatly. 

The purpose of an advertorial is to be 80% information and 20% selling. 

It should be providing the prospect value and educating them on a product as a blog would. Then you pepper in some CTAs which they can click if they are interested in the service.

(If you’ve done the advertorial well this should be most of them).

Another great thing you can do on advertorials is have pixel events on button clicks. We would have three buttons throughout the advertorial. One close to the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. 

You could then fire events off each click and build audiences off them. The people who clicked on the last button for example would be of great quality as they have read the whole advertorial and decided to take action.


What makes the perfect advertorial?

In my example advertorial (video at the top) I go through all the points that made our advertorial successful.

Example Advertorial Trust Factors

You need people to trust the page they are on. The best way to do this is to make it look like a proper blog page. 

As you can see below we have the social icons at the top, easy to see branding, a name and image of the author, a menu and the standard banner ads on the sidebar.

All these things (as you can see in the image below) help people to know it’s a trustworthy site, and therefore the information on that site is trustworthy. 

You can also add secure signs, “as seen on” signs and possibly some testimonials or true storys to help build trust as well.

Example Advertorial Headline & Sub-headline

The headline has to be attention-grabbing! Usually, we’d want it to clearly show what the article is about as well as being benefit led. 

The headline below was split tested a lot, but this one was by far the best in terms of the conversion rate of the page.

The sub-headline we’ve used is a CTA to ensure there was one above the fold and easily viewable for the low hanging fruit who were already sold by the headline. 

example advertorial

Example Advertorial CTA’s

CTA’s are important in an advertorial. You want to give your prospect as much chance to convert as possible.

We do this by adding buttons throughout the page for them to take action.

Then we always add links in the text for them to click on as well. This makes the page look much more like a blog post and helps boost conversion rates.

Finally, we add “native” looking banner ads, all offering the service the advertorial is informing them about and each “ad” links to the next page in the funnel.

This mops up a few extra clicks and helps boost conversion rates.

You can check out all these CTAs in the image below of our example advertorial.

example advertorial

Interactive CTA at the bottom

As you can see in the image below from our example advertorial, we add an interactive section at the bottom of the advertorial to try and get more click throughs to the next page.

Usually, it would be age/gender-related but it could be anything.

It needs to be visually striking to catch the eye and you want it to be something that is easily clickable and doesn’t take much thinking.

If they click this it can be a micro commitment which means they are more likely to convert down the line.

For a full overview of this advertorial, watch the video above…

example advertorial

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