Using a Virtual Assistant as a Pay Per Lead Growth Hack 

You’ve been working with the Pay Per Lead model for a while now, and business is thriving.

But still… you could be doing more. More leads, more clients, more profit. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day… 

Looking for a way to supercharge your Pay Per Lead agency? It could be time to hire a virtual assistant.


Everyone thinks about Pay Per Lead as digital advertising, where you open an account on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google. Then you generate leads for X, and you sell them for two times X

We talk about the Pay Per Lead model a lot, because we think it’s the future. Other people are catching on now, and it’s gaining momentum in the digital marketing space. 

And, today, I want to talk about using virtual assistants as a quick way to growth hack the Pay Per Lead model. We’ve been doing this at Flexx Digital for about three or four months now, and it’s working well. 

Use A Virtual Assistant To Answer Social Media Messages

Recently, I hired Razel, a lovely lady from the Philippines. She monitors a lot of aspects of our lead-gen campaigns on Facebook. 

She looks after a lot of the questions we receive via Messenger. There are always going to be plenty of people who are interested in an offer but not quite ready to buy. They may ask us some questions, which Razel answers from the Phillippines. 

We have drawn up a chat matrix for her, detailing some of the questions that get asked, and how to answer them. When the prospect is suitably warmed up, we tell Razel to pass them along to a client via a simple form. 

Chatbots are extremely popular at the moment, but the human touch never gets old. Just by answering some questions, as a real, live human and not a bot, Razel generates 12 leads a week. 

Because we’re on the Pay Per Lead model, we can easily charge $50 a lead. As a result, Razel is more than paying for herself. 


Use A Virtual Assistant To Monitor Ad Success 

Razel also spends a bit of time monitoring the likes, comments and shares we get for our ads. 

For example, if someone likes our ads regularly, or makes positive comments, then they could be a good prospect. However, if the same person keeps commenting and liking without clicking-through, they may not be ready to become a traditional lead. 

This is where Razel steps in. She’ll take note of any “lurkers” on our Facebook ads, and will offer to send them some information. Once she and the prospect have back-and-forthed a bit, the candidate may be ready to take the next step.

Again, this is about the human touch, which is one of the most undervalued strategies in digital marketing. It would be impossible for a bot or automation to have anywhere near the same relationship-building power. 


Use A Virtual Assistant To Exclude Facebook Audiences 

This isn’t the same as excluding lookalike audiences! (Though that’s a great hack in itself…). 

With every person who only has good things to say about your ads, your business, your model, you’ll get another nay-sayer. 

You know the people I mean… the ones who feel like it’s their “duty” to leave snarky or unhelpful comments. 

Obviously, these folks aren’t great for business. Facebook reads any sort of ad-interaction as a positive (at first, anyway). However, potential prospects won’t appreciate comments like “YUR AD SUX” under a brand they’re debating making a commitment to. 

To combat negative comments, we ask our Virtual Assitant, Razel, to reach out to the worst offenders. She then asks them if they no longer wish to see our ads. If they say they don’t, she’ll send them a link. Once clicked, that person’s ID is pixelled and added to our “excluded audience” list. 

They’ll never see our ads again and, trust me, that is powerful. 


Use A Virtual Assistant To Growth Hack Organic Outreach 

If you’ve got no plans for organic outreach, you’re really missing a trick. 

Our virtual assistant is Flexx Digital’s organic outreach mogul. Whenever we take on a new vertical, we ask Razel to comb Facebook for any suitable groups that fit that niche.

For example, if we’re looking for B2B finance leads to sell on the Pay Per Lead model, Razel could search for Facebook groups like “Accountants and Bookkeepers Services UK” (this is a real Facebook group!). 

From there, it’s easy for Razel to strike up conversations with suitable members of the group and see if they’re interested in our client’s offer. 

Understandably not every attempt will be a win, but it’s an excellent way to generate some extra leads per month, practically for free. Remember, any leads that only cost a few dollars to produce via a chat group could be worth big bucks with Pay Per Lead. 



If you’re interested in finding a virtual assistant for your Pay Per Lead endeavours, we found Razel on The site specialises in finding virtual assistants from the Philippines to work with you and your business. 

VisionFind is a professional virtual assistant agency, so you will need to fill out a form detailing the help you need once you’ve registered your interest. Depending on the work you want doing, VisionFind will let you know if they can or can’t help you. 

If they can help you (they certainly helped me!), they’ll start setting up extensive interviews with suitable applicants. As they want to find someone who fits the exact requirements you’re looking for, finding the perfect candidate can take a couple of weeks. 


Free Pay Per Lead Training 

Flexx Digital is a PPC agency that uses the Pay Per Lead model – no retainer contracts. 

If you want to find out more about this PPL model, and how we run the business, check out my free case study.

Inside you’ll find how I:

  • Severed ties with retainer contracts once and for all
  • Moved away from local businesses
  • Started working with national B2C companies
  • Land high-ticket clients
  • Found the verticals we work in
  • Consistently generate leads of the highest quality

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