How To Use Marketing Quizzes In Your Lead Generation Strategy 

When it comes to ads, people have no more control over what they see than they have over the weather. 

In fact, people who are active online get bombarded with up to 10,000 ads every single day. 

Being constantly inundated with information and marketing messages causes the brain to short-circuit. In an effort to block out all the advertising noise, audiences develop something called “ad blindness”. This is where website visitors subconsciously recognise and ignore all forms of advertising, especially where the ad is clearly marked – i.e. in a banner.  

But life still goes on. Companies have to advertise their product/services to get business. Likewise, people are always going to want things that solve or ease the problem they have at that specific moment. 

Thing is, ad blindness and ad fatigue have a knock-on effect. Attention is a problem, which makes engagement a problem, which, in turn, makes conversions a problem. 

This is a nightmare for anyone in lead generation. However, as marketing strategies have evolved and improved, lead generators have found that interactive marketing is 23% more effective than its traditional, static, counterpart ( Examples of interactive marketing include polls, competitions, calculators, games and, of course, marketing quizzes. 

Using marketing quizzes in my lead generation strategy helped me produce over 250,000 leads in 12 months

The difference quizzes have made to my lead generation strategy is unbelievable. If you’re struggling to generate high-quality leads at volume, marketing quizzes just could be the magic key to overnight success. 


Why Should I Use Marketing Quizzes In Lead Generation? 

All marketing quizzes come down to is asking the right questions. A well-structured quiz in your lead generation strategy can uncover all sorts of information about your prospects in a way you couldn’t through a form, or any other static form of marketing. 

And audiences are fascinated with quizzes, no matter how humdrum the questions may be. Questions aggravate the brain, acting like tiny little fingers directly prodding you right in the grey matter. You feel like you owe the quiz answers, even though you’re the one who made the click in the first place. 

Plus, there’s the promise of a reward, even if it’s really, really small. For example, say you’re building a landing page quiz for a debt consolidation company. 

As quizzes go, the one you’ve made is straight to the point: Could You Write Off 75% Of Your Debt? 

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, being in debt is like dealing with the aftermath of Pandora’s box: there’s a lot of fear, regret, anger, worry and hopelessness flying around. 

Then they come across your quiz and – oh, hello – there’s hope. Just by answering a few questions, your in-debt online user can see if there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. If the quiz leads to a positive outcome (like, “yes, you can save up to 60% on debt repayments”), then you’ve made a brand new friend (and, more importantly, another lead). 

The point is, marketing quizzes engage audiences through interaction. Because this engagement is voluntary, rather than forced, the information you can acquire through quizzes will always beat the information you get via other means. 

 If you want to start using quizzes in your lead generation strategy, then follow these top tips. 


#1 Everyone Likes The Human Touch 

When thinking about online marketing, most people focus on the glamorous products. Cars, designer clothes, food and drink, interior design, etc. That stuff is easy to sell because people are always drawn towards life’s little luxuries. 

When you’re generating leads in financial niches, as I do, successful marketing becomes a whole other story. I’m talking niches like debt help, mortgages, life insurance, secured loans, etc., etc. 

There’s a tonne of money to be made in these niches but, Jesus, they can be boring. It’s easy to forget that the people you’re targeting are real, breathing human beings, and not just a bunch of bots locked in a room somewhere. 

Newsflash: your potential customers are just as bored as you are. None of these things fall under stuff they want but rather stuff they need. You think anyone wants to spend hours researching the cheapest life insurance? 

As a lead generator and marketer, it’s up to you to make whatever niche you’re in sound exciting. And that also applies to the questions within your marketing quiz. 

Let’s go back to the debt consolidation example. 

Obvious questions that spring to mind are as follows: 

  • How much debt are you in? 
  • What is your employment status? 
  • What is the nature of your debts? (Credit cards, store cards, etc.) 

And so on. 

These are all crucial questions, but they’re not going to get anyone’s motor running. 

So you need to add the personal touch. How about: 

What will you do with the money you’ve saved once you’re free from debt? 

A – Take the kids on holiday 

B – Add it to your pension for a comfortable retirement 

C – Celebrate with friends and family 

D – Start saving for a new car 

Does it matter what answer the quiz taker goes for? Not a jot. 

What you have done, however, is tap directly into the quiz taker’s emotional brain. When asked something a bit more personal, the quiz taker will think: 

  • This person cares about me and my life 
  • They may feel flattered that someone would take the time to ask about their future 
  • That you can be associated with positive feelings 
  • That you’ll go the extra mile to help them accomplish their goal – i.e. living a debt-free life

It’ll also make the quiz-taker super excited for the results, not just relieved. There’s a vast difference between, “yes, we can save you £6000” and “yes, we can save you £6000 to go towards the family holiday of your dreams”. 

Remind your quiz-taker what’s in it for them, and you’ll see your engagement go through the roof. 

Which brings me to… 


#2 It’s NOT About You (It’s Really Not) 

A major mistake in any lead generation strategy is marketing yourself, rather than your business. 

In one of my recent marketing quizzes, every question started with a bit about me and how well I’m doing. I told them about my agency, running along at seven figures with less than seven clients. 

I told them how my Pay Per Lead model transformed my life, and how much better I was feeling, now that I had a successful business. 

Then I mentioned how the hundreds of thousands of leads I was generating every year gave me a nice, fat profit. 

I said all these things with the best of intentions. I wanted to inspire my audience to make the same life-changing decisions as I had. 

In reality, I may as well have said, “haha, I have a successful business, and you don’t. That’s why you’re taking this quiz, huh?”. 

Hard to hear, but the quiz-taker doesn’t care about you or your success. They care about their wants, their needs, and whether you’ll be the person who can help them

So, for every question you ask on your marketing quiz, think carefully about the way you word them. Even if the question isn’t directly about yourself and your achievements, consider how the language will make the prospect feel. 

Going back to the debt example, take a look at the following: 

Are you employed? 


What is your employment status? 

A. Full time 

B. Part-time 

C. Self-employed

D. Unemployed 

Both are basically the same question. However, while the first one is abrupt, the second one gives the quiz taker some options. Options indicate that the company/service will find something to suit you no matter your employment status. 

On the other hand, an abrupt “no” to “are you employed?” signals the end of the line and a “sorry, but we can’t help you.” 

The takeaway – give options when possible, and word all questions like they’re about the quiz taker, not about you. 


#3 Get Personal With Your Marketing Quiz

Ever had a chatbot message you on Facebook using your name? Or an email that starts “Hi [insert your name here]”? 

You can do the same with your marketing quizzes in your lead generation strategy, and it’s really easy to do with software like LeadsHook

And getting the name is just the first step. Once you’ve sorted out some necessary details (name, age, employment status, etc.), it’s time to start taking people down personalised branches of the decision tree. 

Most people’s answers are going to be pretty similar, depending on what they need. You could have three, four or five different branches of the “tree”, all leading to different outcomes depending on the quiz taker’s personal circumstances. 

Looking at debt again, consider this question and its answers: 

[NAME], Would you be ready to speak to one of our qualified debt experts tomorrow? 

A – Yes, count me in! 

B – I’m not sure… maybe in a few weeks? 

C – No, I want to explore my options first. 

That’s three different “branches” your decision tree has got already! 

Once you’ve taken the quiz taker down their personalised journey, you could ask for their email address in exchange for their results. This will help you generate more leads, as 57% of consumers are willing to hand over personal details in exchange for personalised offers, discounts or advice. 

Then, as well as emailing their results, you could send the quiz taker a personalised report with details on how you can help them. This way, you’re providing the customer with valuable information (which is what they want beyond anything else!), plus your client will know what they want and how to reach them. 


#4 Use The Marketing Quiz Data To Segment And Nurture Your Leads 

Marketing quizzes aren’t just great for generating leads, they’re also perfect for lead segmentation. 

See, not all leads are equal. Out of every 100 leads your marketing quiz manages to generate, probably only 20 leads will be ready to take action right away. 

The other 80 leads will need to be nurtured a bit. Let’s go back to this question: 

[NAME], Would you be ready to speak to one of our qualified debt experts tomorrow? 

A – Yes, count me in! 

B – I’m not sure… maybe in a few weeks? 

C – No, I want to explore my options first. 

All of the people who selected B, and some of those who chose C, need to be segmented into a nurture sequence. You know that they want help with their debts, or they wouldn’t have taken the quiz or handed over their email address. However, they’re not ready to take action this very moment. 

These aren’t “wasted” leads. Segment these people into an email autoresponder sequence to warm them up, providing them with advice, tips and valuable resources on how to manage their debts. Since the content matches their interests, the consumer is more likely to open the email. 

In three to six months, open up the offer again. Ask them if they’re ready to speak to a qualified debt expert, and guide them towards scheduling an appointment. 

It may take a little longer, but the email addresses of the unsure are just as precious as the ones ready to take action right away. 


#5 Not Forgetting To Segment Depending On Interests 

You could be using a marketing quiz to generate leads for one client or two or three. Chances are, your clients are working within the same vertical, but they want different types of leads. 

Say one client wants leads for their debt consolidation service, but they specialise in helping males out of debt. You could send a majority of the male leads over to this client. 

Equally, you could segment your leads depending on the customer’s interests. For example, Customer A could be self-employed and looking for a loan. Customer B is in full-time employment, £6000 in debt, and wants a Debt Management Plan. Meanwhile, Customer C is £8,000 in debt and wants an IVA. 

All of these people require different information depending on their wants and needs. 

As a result, you’ll need to: 

  • Segment these people into different lists, depending on their answers 
  • Send them different messages, depending on their needs 
  • Speak to them in various tones/styles depending on their personal circumstances and the answers they gave in the quiz 

Segmenting is a super powerful strategy that wasn’t available to lead generation agencies as little as two or three years ago. Now we have the power to segment, we’re able to generate higher volumes of leads at a much better quality for our clients. 


#6 Use Marketing Quizzes For Retargeting As Part 0f Your Lead Generation Strategy 

Use the information you’ve acquired from your marketing quiz for events-based retargeting. 

If you have a 12 or 13-step marketing quiz funnel, it could be that several quiz takers get through the first eight or so steps, then drop off. 

However, within those first eight steps, you find out several golden nuggets such as: 

  • They’re female 
  • They’re over 30 
  • They’ve got over £6000 in debt 

Using that information, you can fire events within a good lead software like LeadsHook, and then build a custom audience from the data you find. 

Once you’ve built your audience, you can use your creative juices to make some hyper-tailored ads that speak to the audience on a personal level. You’ve got all the power behind you, as you know precisely what these people want. 

When the custom audience sees these ads, it’ll be like you’re directly answering their prayers. As a result, your Click Through Rate (CTR) will skyrocket, lowering your CPA and producing premium quality leads

You’ve got all the information you need. Use marketing quizzes in your lead generation strategy and the world’s your oyster! 


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