The Millionaire Morning | Determine Your Day Before Breakfast

“It’s not difficult to make things. What is difficult is to reach the state in which we can make them.” ~ Constantin Brancusi

In the money-making game, everybody’s always looking for the quick fix, the magic solution.

I used to spend hours day-dreaming about buying a winning lottery ticket, or netting the jackpot on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”.

When Lotto refused to hand me anything bigger than the occasional ten-quid note, and Chris Tarrant remained blissfully ignorant of my pub-quiz skills, I had to step back and focus on something less likely to happen in Fairyland.

What could I change about myself to achieve my hopes and dreams?

What was stopping me from reaching the top, despite hours of climbing with bare hands and bloody knees?

Making money – and holding onto it!- isn’t just about generating a line of numbers in your bank account. It’s a way of life.

Just like with a diet, or a hobby, or getting really good at a sport, consistency is key.

And, to get into that winning mindset, you have to make sure you’re ready to achieve those goals from the moment you open your eyes.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on my own morning routine.

Watch the video to see what my typical morning looks like, and maybe pick up some tricks and tips to get you started.


Covered In This Video: 

1. The book that’s given me a whole new perspective on life, what matters, and how to succeed

2. How to shape your entire day in less than an hour and fifteen minutes

3. The acronym that can save you from a lifetime of lethargy

4. Why learning is intrinsically tied-up with leading

5. Why visualisation is your best motivational tool

Do you have a morning routine that’s the key to your success? Comment and share in the boxes below!


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