The Beginner’s Guide to the Facebook Pixel

Hi guys.

My name’s Graham, and I’m one of the PPC Account Managers, here, at Flexxable.

We’ve had quite a few questions come in about Facebook advertising, so I thought I’d start with the one thing most people have trouble with.

The topic today is:

How To Install The Facebook Pixel 

First thing’s first.

Before you even think about downloading your Facebook Pixel, make sure you’ve got Google Tag Manager (GTM). This is a useful little tool for managing tags (the snippets of JavaScript that sends information to third-parties), on your website or mobile. It’s super user-friendly.

Then you need to head on over to Unbounce and add a new JavaScript. Copy and paste the GTM Head code.

MAKE SURE this is put in the head section, and title it GTM Head. Then you can save it.

Do the same for the GTM body code and republish the page.

To get the Facebook Pixel into Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to go into your Facebook Business Manager.

Click onto Events Manager, then onto Pixels. Select the account you’re currently working on.

You then need to pick the Pixel you want your ads to run on. Head on up to the top right-hand corner of the screen and click Set Up.

Once you’ve done that, select Integration or Tag Manager. From there, it’s as easy as following the steps.

I highly recommend you download the Chrome extension, “Facebook Pixel Helper”. This is an excellent tool that helps validate your pixel implementation and provides real-time feedback.

Once you’ve got this, check your funnel and make sure you’ve got Google Tag Manager and a Pixel firing on every page.

Thanks for following, and I hope it’ll help you with your Facebook Advertising.

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