My Son Tried His First Oyster And It Wasn’t Pretty!

Most of us never forget tasting our first oyster!

My son Tommy tried one for the first time on the weekend – as you can see it didn’t go down well, in fact, it didn’t go down at all.

A very special moment that I was lucky enough to share with my parents, and also capture as a photo!

Can you remember your first oyster?

That salty bitter taste reminded me of when I quit my 9-5 and THOUGHT I had achieved “freedom” by charging my client’s a fixed fee retainer.

I was especially bitter when I smashed it out of the park for my clients, only to learn I wasn’t going to get paid more because I had signed a contract that said the amount I earned was set in stone.


Let’s not knock retainer contracts too much, it’s how a lot of us got a start, and quit our BOSS.

But… there is a *different* way.

One that rewards you when you perform.

If you would like to be rewarded based on performance (and learn to love the taste of the Pay Per Lead model), I have a brand new free guide out which I can send you by FB messenger, that explains the 5 step process one of my students we call “Agency Al” took, to replace his entire retainer agency income, with one PPL client. Enjoy!

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