How To Analyse Your Customer Data Using A Pivot Table

The Importance of Data Analysis…

Data analysis is everything when it comes to lead gen.

We often think we know our target market before launching a campaign.

We set up a campaign, target our market and write ads to hook them into the funnel.

But often I hear…

“My CPL is too high, and I don’t know why?”


“People aren’t converting on the funnel! What should I change first!”

The very first thing they should be doing is looking at their conversion data. What are the trends?

Data Analysis is Key!

And what I normally hear back is this…

“Hmmmm not sure” 

Setting up tracking software can be time-consuming, expensive and tech-heavy, which is why a lot of lead gens only rely on their social media dashboards.

This wasn’t advisable before the iOS update. 

Now, however, it’s almost agency suicide.

That’s why today we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to collect as much conversion data as possible with minimal time, effort and expense (should take you max 1 hour to set up).

This will level up your data analysis… and it’s simple to do!

It will have UTM tracking so you can see which campaigns/ ad groups/ ads your leads are coming from in real-time.

But it will also track geo data, answers to questions and user data such as device etc.

Once you have all this data, we then show you how to create a pivot table where you can see exactly who your best customer is.

Then you can use that and put it back into your targeting and ad copy.

This technique is even more important in PPL as we have seen it cut people’s CPL by 30-40%!

If you would like to be rewarded based on performance and learn to love the taste of the Pay-Per-Lead model, then check out my new free guide that explains the 5 step process one of my students we call “Agency Al” took, to replace his entire retainer agency income, with one PPL client. 

Enjoy it here!

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