What Is A “Lead To Close” Conversion Percentage?

Today I’d like to talk about a question I got asked today during a call with my Pay Per Lead Blueprint members.

They asked me, “how do I know what a good percentage is for “lead to closed sale” for my client?”.

It can depend on what your vertical is, what offer you’re running, is there pin verification installed etc.

There are so many variables!

The main thing that you need to focus on is building that relationship between you and the client.

For Example, your client is getting 100 leads. And they are converting at 10%. You take a look at their CRM and find out that a certain age range of males hasn’t been converting. And it could be that 40% of those leads are coming from that age range.

Switch off that age range and you will see your lead quality spike.

To me, having these conversations with clients is easy. But often we look at trying to optimise a funnel for example, rather than looking at the bigger picture, and finding the easier wins.

So! My advice is, chat to your clients weekly to find quick wins like this.

Speaking about clients, I want to tell you about a student of mine who was stuck in ‘retainer jail’ before he started selling leads on a Pay Per Lead basis.

Let’s call him “Agency Al” to protect the innocent 😉

Al now makes more money with one PPL client in a week than all 10 of his monthly retainer clients combined.

Agency Al was one of the lucky ones to get out of retainer jail because he followed my “Escape The Client Penitentiary Guide”.

So if you want to earn more from one PPL, and fire your 10 agency clients, then go ahead and watch it here.

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