How To Build An AI Automation Agency for $0 in 2024

Introduction To AI Automation Agency

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, the opportunity to build an AI Automation Agency with zero initial investment in 2024, is not just a possibility but a lucrative venture. Whether you’re an existing agency owner, a 9-to-5 employee looking for a side hustle, or someone aiming to dive into the AI industry, this guide will help you through the essential steps to establish your own AI Automation Agency.

Understanding the Market Potential

AI is not just a trend; it’s a transformative force set to disrupt numerous industries by automating complex tasks and offering significant cost savings to clients. Recognizing the potential of AI is the first step in capitalizing on this opportunity. The key is to simplify the approach, unlike other business models like drop shipping or SEO agencies that involve numerous complexities.


Leveraging Existing Assets For AI Automation Agency

The core strategy in starting your AI Automation Agency involves leveraging other businesses’ assets, particularly their customer databases. Consider a local roofing company as an example. They may have thousands of leads accumulated over years but lack the marketing expertise to effectively utilize this database. Here lies your opportunity: propose a partnership where you use AI to re-engage their old leads, and in return, share the profits from any successful transactions.

The Approach: Reactivating Dormant Leads

A method pioneered by Dean Jackson involved re-engaging old leads with simple yet effective emails. With the advent of AI, this process can be significantly optimized. AI can automate the engagement with these leads, qualifying them and scheduling appointments, all while reducing the manpower and time previously required.

The Role of AI Automation

AI can transform dormant databases into active leads. By utilizing tools like HighLevel CRM software that integrates with OpenAI and ChatGPT, you can automate the process of sending messages and managing responses. This not only streamlines the process but also does so at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Starting an AI Automation Agency with Minimal Costs

Starting this agency doesn’t require heavy upfront investment. You don’t need a website initially, and there’s no need for extensive setup costs or ad spending. The primary task is to identify businesses with a substantial database and propose a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Using the Right Tools

For the AI element, software like HighLevel is essential. Though it has a monthly cost, there are often trial periods (like a 30-day free trial) that allow you to test the waters before fully committing financially. Additionally, free resources and challenges, like the “1K per week using ChatGPT with client databases” challenge, provide valuable insights and step-by-step guides to set up your AI agency.

Selecting Niches and Landing Clients For Your AI Automation Agency

When selecting niches, it’s crucial to identify industries that benefit most from this model. The training also covers client acquisition strategies, including cold outreach and referrals, without relying on paid ads.


The AI revolution presents a golden opportunity to start an AI Automation Agency with zero initial investment in 2024. By leveraging AI to reactivate dormant leads in existing business databases, you can create a profitable agency that benefits both you and your clients. Remember, in the world of AI, understanding the technology and its application is key to success.

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