How To Build A Hugely Profitable Lead Generation Brand 🤑

Want to know how to build a profitable lead generation brand?

Everything you need to know is here.

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What made us start building a brand?

Back in 2016, we started working with a debt consolidation client.

We started running Search leads and Facebook leads.

We were generating A LOT of leads for these guys.

So much so, that it blew their business up.

We worked day and night for these guys.

This client started making big promises to other clients that he ended up not being able to keep.

Eventually this client couldn’t pay us.

So, we ended the relationship with nothing to show for it.

But, with everything that we learnt, we thought, why not start creating our own profitable lead generation brand?

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Why creating your own brand is so powerful in lead gen…

Having one brand is very powerful.

There’s lots of different ways you can generate traffic for your brand.

You can run paid ads through Search, Facebook, GDN, Twitter, etc, etc.

It’s great as you can supply multiple clients from the same brand in the same industry.

You can organically grow your brand through SEO.

This helps to build a sellable asset.

Unlike with building up a clients’ brand from scratch, you have complete control of your own profitable lead generation brand.

Also, if you lose a client you can just get another one using the same brand.

Our own Car Finance brand…

Let’s take you through an example of our own brand… BizCarQuotes.

Our homepage was built in wordpress in elementor for SEO purposes – we don’t send traffic to this homepage.

This funnel was built in unbounce and the quiz was built in leadshook.

We’ve spent more than £10 million testing this type of funnel.

Another hugely profitable lead generation brand…

We just wanted to mention a brand that is extremely good at what they do. is a brand in the insurance space and is purely for lead generation.

They have an epic landing page and ads – with their prime target being Dads.

They’ve just sold their brand for a lot.

It just goes to show that if you have a big idea, you can create a website, or even pay a graphic designer to build one for you.

Anyone can do this!

You can use your new brand homepage as leverage when reaching out to clients in the vertical you’re after.

Want to get started?

Get access to our template funnel to give you a great start building your own brand, just email [email protected] with the subject line ‘BizCarQuotes’ and we’ll send it right over.

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