When you wake up in the morning, data security and privacy policies probably aren’t the first things on your mind. 

In fact, most people I know avoid the yawn-worthy topic altogether.

Unfortunately, since 25 May 2018, these issues have been pushed to the forefront of every business owner’s concerns.  

  • Consumers see the impact of GDPR every time a website asks for permission to collect cookies.
  • Companies are being inundated with enquiries about use of personal information, as users get to grips with protecting their data.
  • Many businesses have started calling several marketing strategies into question. Is cold-calling still legal? Is direct mail allowed?

Threatened with a fine of either 20 million euros or 4% of their annual global turnover, some smaller organisations have shut down completely, stating they did not have enough resources for compliance.


Technically, GDPR hasn’t curbed any form of marketing as much as it has made it more complicated.

Rewritten to reflect our booming digital age, GDPR pushes companies to think smarter, not harder.

Being more careful with how you handle data will allow you to streamline your database and isolate higher quality leads – as long as you follow the rules.


This is a useful message for all walks of life, and it applies to your landing pages too.

To hit the “Consent Target”, there are a few vital things you need to do with your website:

1. Get consent from the visitors to your page

2. A well-written and accessible private policy

3. The resources to delete personal data if requested

4. The ability to encrypt all your lead data so it can’t be “discovered” by someone else

Sound easier said than done? Not to worry, I’ll show you how.


1. The legal help required to adhere to GDPR

2. How obtaining visitor consent can be as easy as including a checkbox

3. How GDPR has helped build a trusting relationship between company and client

4. How the quality of leads have skyrocketed since 25 May 2018

5. BONUS: An example of a GDPR-adherent private policy (click here)

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