Kanban is a very simple concept using Post-It notes and a whiteboard.

First off, divide your whiteboard into five columns:

  • Backlog
  • To do
  • In progress
  • Testing
  • Done

These sections are pretty self-explanatory. Next, assign each member of your team a different colour Post-It notepad.

The aim is for the team to write their separate, work-related, responsibilities on their pads and place the notes in the relevant section.

It’s up to them to take charge of the Post-It notes’ progress throughout the week. Once they’ve started a task, they’ll move it from “To do” to “In Progress”.

Once the task is finished but needs checking, the Post-It should be moved from “In Progress” to “Testing”.

And so on, and so forth.

Because everyone has their own coloured pad, and are responsible for their own progress, there’s no room for confusion.

It’s worth having a weekly review of the board to check everyone’s on top of their tasks and to discuss any new ones.

Essentially, KanBan thinking is a manageable and visual way to mark your progress in the workplace. It also gives a worker valuable insight into what the rest of the team is doing, promoting a “single organism” energy.

Does your business use a particular method or programme to ensure organisation in the workplace? How were the results? Comment in the boxes below!

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