Don’t Hire White Label Agencies, Hire In-House Instead

The white-label model can sometimes be frustrating as it relies on a third party to deliver the required service or product before selling on to clients.

The clients need to make money, white-labellers need to make money and you as a company need to make money as well. So, on top of landing the clients, you really need to be generating leads too.

This can simply be too much for some.

This is why you should follow our in-house method. You take the time to understand the client’s needs, you then take that information and find the leads they want.

In-house hiring is more cost-effective and efficient than employing external agencies.

In this video, I give away some excellent examples of why the pay-per-lead model is a simpler and easier choice and I let you in on our hiring process for media buyers!

This is a sure-fire way to fine-tune your leads so you can really get your clients hooked and interested in what you have to offer as a pay-per-leader.

Video transcript

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