Companion Labs is a “plug & play” tool, designed to help optimise Facebook campaigns with the tightest budgets.

Called Companion Labs as it’s meant to act as a “companion” to all your other Facebook optimising tools, CL complements features such as Ads Manager and Power Editor.

The app works in three ways:

1. It grades your ads’ performance from A-F. Companion Labs suggests you shut off ads with grades C-F, as they’ll negatively impact your ROI. The tool also uses ↑↓ symbols as a “seven-day trend” indicator, letting you know if your bid level is on the upswing. For example, you may want to leave a Cad running to see if it can achieve a B level.

2. It’ll offer you predictive budget recommendations to boost your ads’ performance.

3. It uses automated bidtesting to get the most from your ad spend.  


1. What Companion Labs is and how it works

2. The reason why thousands small-to-medium businesses have jumped on the Companion Labs app

3. The trials of using yet another optimisation tool, and why 100% confidence in your ad creative is a must

4. The ongoing experiment devised to maximise our revenue over the next few weeks

Have you used Companion Labs or similar before? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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